Last Minute Questions

Posted by: ziawalker

Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 12:10 PM

We are staying an extra day in Patterdale and are wondering if we can hike Helvellyn from there. We're thinking of doing the high route from Grasemere to Patterdale, then Helvellyn the next day if possible and the weather is good. Or would a trip to Lake Ullswater be better?

Also, we're supposed to call our hotel for a ride when we get to Claybank Top. We will have a phone card only, not a phone. I've read there's nothing there, and I've also read there's a cafe there. Does anyone know where we'll be able to make a call.

Thank you for all your advice. Leaving tomorrow. Can't wait.
Posted by: DodgeyKnee

Re: Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 02:10 PM

By 'the high route', I suppose you mean viaSt Sunday? Why not just hike over Helvellyn from Grasmere? Then enjoy a day on the lake...
Posted by: flatlands

Re: Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 03:03 PM

There is nothing at Clay Bank, no phone nor cafe. However, that is the Lord Stones cafe up on Carlton Bank, but no phone unles the owner's have a private phone.

TBH, I would personally take a cheap mobile with a credited sim. There are some phones which are out of order in the remote areas.

I would take the steamer boat one way to either Howtown or further on to Pooley Bridge and walk back via the lake path or vice versa.
Posted by: Boots

Re: Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 07:20 PM

I go with DodgeyKnee and take Helvellyn en route from Grasmere to Patterdale. Will add a few hours to the day but it's a short day anyway - weather permitting of course. Good day that!
Posted by: slowcoach

Re: Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 07:39 PM

Clay Bank is technically the area around the car park to the north of the watershed a short distance north of where you cross the main road. There is, weather permitting, a tea van there which may also be selling burgers etc.There is an irregular mobile signal usually available. If not, move north slightly downhill along the road.

You actually cross the road at Haggs Gate. However, there is no telephone available at either site.
Posted by: xraysteve

Re: Last Minute Questions - 30/08/11 08:50 PM

Steamer on the Lake is a nice restful way to see some lovely scenery.

The walk down from clay bank is not silly (depending where you came from but if you start to walk down there is a forestry track which takes you on a route away from the road so there is less road walking.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Last Minute Questions - 31/08/11 05:18 PM

This is Clay bank Top where the route crosses the road. There is nothing there at all.
Posted by: slowcoach

Re: Last Minute Questions - 31/08/11 07:02 PM

Clay Bank is the actual hill that climbs upwards from the north onto the moors.

To locals Clay Bank Top is the car park (important if you are being collected by a local for onward travel). The parking area is owned by the national park. There is generally a licensed refreshment van there at weekends all year and midweek from April until September, depending on the weather. Does burgers, hot drinks and snacks depending on which operator is there.
Again, to a local, the actual crossing point is known as Hagg's gate (see Wainwright's map ... he has got them correctly named) so, if you are being collected at Clay Bank Top this will mean the car park as it is the only convenient turning place on the road.
Posted by: Reluctanttrucker

Re: Last Minute Questions - 31/08/11 10:26 PM

I would ask someone nicely if you can borrow their mobile.
Sadly I will not be there to offer mine which has free calls to landlines, but a lot of mobile carriers have this provision,so someone may let you borrow one.