What happened?

Posted by: Bacchus

What happened? - 15/03/16 11:42 PM

This was once my favorite site. All sorts of news about the various segments of the walk; really helpful stuff. Is it that less people are interested in the walk? For those that are interested in the walk, but haven't committed, I strongly advise doing it. I've done it three times and it never gets old. Some of the best friendships, and memories of my life have come from this walk. Let Sherpa do the preperation, and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: What happened? - 16/03/16 05:04 PM

I suspect the site is so slow these days is due to no new members being admitted due to it being badly hacked in the past. I also know of past members who cannot access anymore due to losing their log in details, which cannot be recovered. Sad really because as you say it was a good site once.
Posted by: Harland

Re: What happened? - 16/03/16 05:32 PM

I didn't realise that new members were not being admitted. As you say it is shame as I certainly got a lot from the exchange of information about the walks. Another walking site has recently stopped any future messages being input. I'll try and put things on more frequently where I think that they may be of interest/helpful. Doing bits to help complete LEJOG next month and reading a really good book about walking the SWCP that I'll review on here when I have finished it.
Posted by: MIKE M

Re: What happened? - 18/03/16 10:17 AM

This is realy sad news. one of my favorite sites. I checkin every week and was also wondering where everyone had gone.Allthough due to age I dont get into the hills as much these days its allways great to read about what you guys are doing and wondering if I have one more crossing left in me.
Posted by: Harland

Re: What happened? - 18/03/16 02:05 PM

I hope that you manage to do it one (two) more time. I think occasionally should I give up but while I am still able I want to continue as I do enjoy the walks and the people I meet along the way as well as keeping me relatively fit. 70 next year, starting to think of what I should do, the Appalachian Trail is not on the agenda!
Posted by: K

Re: What happened? - 21/03/16 12:59 AM

I also have been sad to see so little activity on the forum, though I can't complain as I haven't posted much in the last few years. I didn't realize that no new members could join, and that is definitely a factor. That's really too bad. I also wonder if broader cultural/technological trends, e.g., the rise of Facebook and other social media sites, are partly responsible for less traffic on discussion forums generally? Just wondering...

I'll try to post occasionally, though we probably won't get back to England until 2018: our 20th anniversary and my 50th birthday year. We've gotten the bug for doing long, meandering walks in the past——20 days on roughly the route of the C2C in 2008; 40 days from Barnstaple to Dover in 2013. So for my 50th, perhaps a day for each year? We'll have to see...

In the meantime, I do hope all of you are well and enjoy many great walks this year as the weather gets warmer.


Posted by: lightweightmick

Re: What happened? - 28/06/16 11:40 AM

Are forums generally on the decline I wonder..? There doesn't seem to be much activity on Sherpa Van's new FB page either though...
Posted by: MIKE M

Re: What happened? - 01/07/16 03:45 PM

Missing your adventures and kit advice/
Come back soon
Posted by: lightweightmick

Re: What happened? - 04/07/16 11:38 AM

Heyup Mike, another one coming up, just testing tracker out now.
Will post a link. First time ever I've booked ahead:

Lovesome Hill
Pk Hse Keld
Ambleside YHA

Will carry emergency bivvy and some windshield reflector as ground insulation just in case
My schedule puts me there on time - all I got to do is stick to it...
Posted by: MIKE M

Re: What happened? - 09/07/16 09:34 AM

Best of luck Mick will watch with interst
Whats Slogger (Dave) got planed for this year???