National Park Extensions

Posted by: lightweightmick

National Park Extensions - 02/08/16 12:28 PM

Now the Yorkshire Dales NP extends as far as the M6 - including Mallerstang, Pendragon and the Lune Valley - my own route goes straight from Dales to Lake District (except for a narrow band at Tebay and the M6) as the LDNP has also been extended E to include Borrowdale (the lesser) - whether this will make any practical difference on the ground remains to be seen, but a few more users on some of those paths would be useful and we may get a final decision on the Cocklake bridleway dispute (where once again this year I kept to the road to avoid embarrassment...)

YDNP extension overview map

LDNP eastern extension map
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Re: National Park Extensions - 02/08/16 05:27 PM

I can't see it making that much difference Mick, except perhaps making people more aware of certain former outlying areas. The ROW's remain the same as does the open access.
I wonder if this will mean a rise in property valuations, as they have always been higher inside the national parks, or maybe those within the former boundary will experience a slight drop in value to even things out.
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Re: National Park Extensions - 02/08/16 07:16 PM

The RoW's come under the jurisdiction of the relevant park authority, out of the control of the local highways dept's, but I doubt they'll have any more funding capacity for maintenance and repair and we'll probably not see any difference on the ground. NPA's don't seem to have any more 'clout' on disputed RoW's either if the Middle Boonwood case is anything to go on...