Food supply points....

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Food supply points.... - 08/06/17 09:40 AM

Where are there shops where you can buy stuff to make yourself a packed lunch and supplies for a dinner over a camp stove, eg. noodles. Just thinking bread, cheese, ham, apples, bananas, crisps, nuts, chocolate.

Lost time I did c2c, the places with shops were:

St Bees, Cleator, Grasmere, Patterdale, Shap, Orton, KS, Muker(PO), Reeth, Richmond, Grosmont, Glaisdale

Anyone know about: Ennerdale, Borrowdale, Keld, Danby Wiske, Ingleby Cross, Blakey Ridge

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Food supply points.... - 27/06/17 02:16 PM

I was going to post about the shop in Rosthwaite, as I used it in 2006 (and the nearby Flock-In tea room) but looks like they've since closed.
link here

If you're not considering carrying much it would be a good idea to consider pubs, chippies, cafes & tea rooms - any food opportunity really - but don't rely on t'internet for opening/closing times etc... I've spent hours checking shop times etc only to be dissappointed on arrival! I've also spent valuable time waiting for places to open...
eg. I was really looking fwd to the chippy at Waterhead in 2015 W-E attempt - closed - had to back track to the the Waterhead Inn who were, fortunately, still serving food.
I wouldn't go anywhere else in Keld than Park Hse now - camp or bunkhouse - dinner if ordered. Last yr I arrived too late for dinner, but in 2015 Michelle was a life-saver!
In answer to your q though:
Ennerdale (2 pubs (still?), no shop), Borrowdale (only Flock-in? now), Keld (Park Hse, by arrangement - no mob. signal) - forget Keld Lodge, though cafe may be open - good luck finding opening times there - it was open for me in 2006, but never seen it open since (I've either been too early or too late here), Danby Wiske (no shop - pub still in business(?), IngX Blue Bell - no shop (eggs for sale up by church, cottage with steps - passed sign many times but never bought any (then wished I had...), Blakey Ridge - Lion Inn, nothing else.

Since using Black Sail and Gillerthwaite hostels in 2012, as an afterthought, I just googled Longthwaite YHA: (note nice pic of cafe open sign!
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Re: Food supply points.... - 03/07/17 08:41 PM

Excellent cafe at Honister Slate Mine. Orton another excellent cafe at the Chocolate factory in the village. Keld another excellent cafe down in the village at the campsite (not the one near the Lodge).
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Re: Food supply points.... - 04/07/17 12:53 PM

Didn't know there was a cafe nr Keld Lodge Dave... only found the one nr the car park open once - do they close early? It's all about timing (or lack of it lol)
Isn't it just complimentary drinks at the slate mine? I did use the toilets one early morning at the neary YHA - do they have an honesty box system in place I wonder..?
Best to allow a bit of spare room in the sack for the odd sandwich - that 'pickleless' Yorkshire sandwich from the B&B in Ing X last yr was a bit manky by the time I ate it at Cockley Beck though lol