BikeHike Plans afoot...

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BikeHike Plans afoot... - 04/07/17 01:08 PM

On my toings and froings on the Coast to Coast over the years I've had a nagging feeling that a bike would be good in places (this has always been the case where cyclists go flying past esp. on the Blowarth/Blakey trackbed section. Coming out of Danby Wiske one yr a guy actually slowed down and shouted: 'You want to get yourself a bike mate!' before pedalling away at speed...
So, that's just what I plan to do - get myself a bike... But it's got to be one I can carry - ie. a folding model.
Here's the gist
A Brompton is not a best choice though due to 16" wheels - 20" being better as much of the route would be over rough ground.
Plan is to carry the bike over the hills where riding is impractical, keeping to a similar line as my previous later attempts, though maybe avoiding the LWW...
Problem is, I'm now used to only packing 12lbs max... adding wheels is going to take me to around 32lbs and cost a fair bit, but it'll be a great adventure and a bit different.
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Re: BikeHike Plans afoot... - 26/04/18 02:33 PM

Well, I managed to get the weight of the bike down by 2 lbs last year, and made attachm,ent to the frame more secure, but missed my last opportunity in October to give this a go, as I decided I needed to make a cover for transportation as I read somewhere you may be refused on buses and trains without a cover/bag for a folding bike. I bought one from Sports Direct (at sale price) but it's too small (just!) and needs some darts sewing in... coundn't get the sewing machine working, bought another one but then got sidetracked...
So back on it, been on my fitness programme since January, but as I'm only working part-time these days I'm feeling idle to say the least... but if I can my act together I'll update with any progress
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Re: BikeHike Plans afoot... - 26/04/18 02:34 PM

the edit facility never been restored then...
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watching with interest Mick