Another 5 day attempt.

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Another 5 day attempt. - 18/08/18 07:01 PM

Well Ive had nothing but dnf's during the last two years of long distance attempts. It has been a bit of a shock not being able to complete what I set out to do. a couple i can put down to injury but the two C2C failures, the first ending a few miles after Sunbiggin Tarn, was purely due to leg fatigue. I was on schedule but it was an effort and my legs empty.
The second a couple of weeks later was purely down to bad ball of foot blisters and ended in Gunnerside.
This year started with my dnf during the Spine race in January, due to severe quad muscle pain at Lothersdale. Following this was a failure on the 72 mile Ribble way after 54 miles at Settle, then another failure on a non stop Cumbria Way at Keswick after 30 miles, legs ok this time but mental strength low. just couldn't get the motivation to pass the length of Borrowdale and beyond during the chilly dark of night time.
I have done nothing since, but am itching to do something. It may turn out to be a big mistake as confidence is low and that's not a good marker for these type of attempts, but i feel I have to give it a go and see.
The attempt will take place in a couple of weeks time following Wainwrights route to the letter, starting at St.Bees.
Instead of trying to beat my previous best time to the summit of Dent, I will aim to equal the time I did on my first sub 5 dayer, or even slightly slower. I will use that first schedule as a guide. However I am a bit stuck for somewhere to camp or wild camp in the Richmond area?
During that first full C2C before I started to find a shorter straighter line I make several time consuming errors. The first was after Dent, upon reaching the road I turned right instead of left and went a fair distance before turning around and getting back on track. The second was after Sunbiggin Tarn in the dark of very early morning. i reached a big wall and couldn't decide whether to follow it or go through the gate. I went through the gate and ended up on the wrong side of the deep old railway cutting. Eventually finding a way out of the field onto the old railway and managing to escape down to Smardale bridge. Third error was not being able (again in the dark of evening) find the stile near Hollins Farm on the way to Marske. I spent aleast two hours wandering around fields before taking a compass bearing due North to intercept the road where I needed to be. Shortly after that just before Marske i failed to see the sign and turned to the right at a road junction instead of going slightly left. That had me doing a big loop detour along the road all the way to Richmond which I reached several hours late bang on midnight.
Thankfully after those I made no further errors and arrived RHB after 4 days 15 hours after setting off from St. Bees.
My theory is that taking it easier due to my lack of fitness and conditioning of late I should still have (now I know the route) more than half a day in hand available to use bearing in mind that first schedule time.
We will see.
I have done nothing since
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Well good luck. I wish I had managed to walk as far as some some of your "failures", they would have been a success for me!
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Did a 24.5 miler yesterday all walking with around 3,000 ft of ascent and descent. Plan was to average 3mph. I was stopped a few times talking to people I know on the route but still managed to get home in an average 3.2mph. pleased as i can be with that but suffered terribly from restless leg syndrone later, tossing and turning all night wanting to keep stretching them out. Just hope the walk has done some good and awoken some muscle memory as I have now booked into St.Bees to start at 4.30am on Thursday next week 28th August.
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Are you going to have a tracker?
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Originally Posted By: Harland
Are you going to have a tracker?

Yes I have my SPOT Tracker, I'll post a link.
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His tracker can be found here:-
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Well that didn't work! I attempted to copy of Slogger's post from elsewhere but I guess that it was too large. Anyway he finished the C2C in 4 days 15 hours and 43 minutes after leaving St. Bees. Well done to him, a truly magnificent physical and mental effort.
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Thank you everyone, I am amazed by all your interest but glad that it has kept you entertained for a few days.
Day 1. St. Bees to Grasmere.
Left St. Bees at 4.25am. Legs not happy on the little climb out onto the cliff top path. This is going to be interesting, I thought. By the time I was approaching Moor Row, my left foot arch was really sore, it had been coming on foe the last few miles. I was walking in a fairly new pair of Meindle walking shoes, as during testing all my other GTX shoes leaked. Anyway I stopped to inspect and discovered that the shoe itself had a strong built in arch support and that the Sorbothane Double Strike insoles that I had added was pushing up into the arch. My right foot over suppinates so wasn't affected. I got out my knife and cut away the padding of the insole at the arch area. Immediatte relief and no further problems there.
Re-supplied in Cleater, made steady progress as far as Loft Beck. During the last 2.5 years I become aware that my hip flexor tendon are pretty much done following year of fell running. Every time I ascend steeply, especially on climbs up those little rock steps, my legs quickly lose strength. On long reasonablely steep ascents the legs are still strong and I can clog on a bit. Four ladies in front with a slow tailender. This tailender beat me to the top and i was in such a state of exhaustion, one of them gave me a Banana and another a small bag of Jelly Babies. I got going again amd overtook them.
On the descent to Honister I met Paul and his daughter. We had a good chat and a laugh but I wasn't playing anything down Paul, I really was exhausted and thought I had no chance and was very concerned that I may be able to make Grasmere that day. Anyway somehow I did make Grasmere, but it really was over my legs were completely empty of strengh, weak in fact. It was 9.30pm, I walked straight into the Little Inn Hotel and enquired about accomodation. They only had a double left at 85 pounds, I couldn't say @[email protected], quick enough. I phoned my wife and a pal to tell them I was finished.
Day 2. Grasmere to Smardale Bridge.
Good nighst sleep after little the previous three nights, I awoke to a sunny day. I decided to carry on at whatever pace my legs would allow and just see how far I could get rather than rushing home.
The ascents up to Grisedale Tarn, out of Patterdale, around the Knott were extremely slow and painful. I visited Kidsty Pike but decided on the alternative scenic route by High and Low Raise to Measand Beck and down to rejoin the lower path. Has a meal in Shap and off again, determined to claw back some of the lost 5 hours from yesterday. By the time I reached Smardale bridge I had recovered almost of them and camped on the little flat area next to the bridge.
Day 3. Smardale Bridge to Reeth.
Slow again on the steeper bits but flying along the other parts, however it was far too hot and I was awash with sweat. Caught up with three younger guys who had lost their schedule due to carrying 20kg packs. Over 9 Standards Rigg with no problem, into Ravenseat where I met Clivve the farmer on the telly. Had a laugh with him, he thought me mad (like they do). Stopped in Keld cafe, then on through Gunnerside, another stop there for two milk shakes. Reeth reached, but i needed to divert slightly to Grinton as i badly needed a shower as salt from sweat and rubbing had caused blisters on my shoulder and It needed sorting. B&B at the Bridge Inn.
Day 4 . Reeth to Ingleby Cross.
Left the Bridge Inn at around 3.30am and made my way to Richmond where I found a Costa and had breakfast. Through the vale of Mowbrey my feet began feeling the sore due to much tarmac walking. Met a few groups at the White Swan, Danby Wiske. We left together for a short while before I pressed on th Ingleby Cross and the Blue Bell, where I pitched my tent. I had a good meal there two pints of guinness and retired to get a few hours sleep before setting off on the final push to RHB.
Day 5. Ingleby Cross to RHB.
Set off actually end of day4 around 10.45pm. I had forgotten how long and steep that ascent through the woods was, but head down, keep going I emerged at the top and ready for the Cleveland Hills. I was at Carlton Bank summit for 3am. Ascents painful as too were the descents now, but knew it was in the bag and estimated an 8pm finish, without rushing too much. I stopped at the Lion Inn for gorgeous breakfast of mostly fruit and cereal, another stop at Glaisdale shop where i purchased three ice lollies. Then again another stop at the cafe in Gromont for two milk shakes, an ice cream, fruit drink, Apple Pie and custard, pot of tea, and another three ice lollies.
Went a bit wrong coming out of Little Beck but got back on it. Seemed a long way to Hawsker but once on the clifftop path, I felt really strong, pain in legs gone and I managed to get a good stride and pace going all the way to RHB. The weather had turned and was becoming very windy with driving drizzle. My b&b being at the top part of time I called there first. I was warned that I only had around 45 minutes for a local mealin nearby pubs. With this I decided to get showered and changed fIrst, then out for my meal a couple ogf pints of Guinness, then walk down to the Bay Hotel.
I reached RHB 4 days 15 hours and 43 minutes after leaving St. Bees.
Is this the way/method I recomend - certainly not! However if you do ever wonder how fast you could do certain routes, then be warned they are not easy, they can be painful, they are the oppositte of a walking holiday. So why do we do them like this - Ive no idea, just in the blood I guess, but I know many, many people with the same mind set - I just happen to be the oldest!
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