Flooding news

Posted by: Oldun

Flooding news - 24/11/09 03:46 PM

We are only getting news of flooding in area such as Cockermouth and Keswick. But slowly snippets of information are creeping in via chat sites about other areas, such as Ennerdale.

How far reaching are the damage areas along the C2C?
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Re: Flooding news - 24/11/09 07:03 PM

The weather conditions that caused the flooding in Cumbria, originated in Africa. The very humis air was blown up in a large arc up the Irish sea straight into Cumbria where it slowed down and became trapped by the Cumbrian Mountains. It was held there and dropped its load throughout 30 hours.
All of Cumbria is affected. Over 30 Bridges are closed througout, and six have collapsed, making travel extremely difficult. 20 boats sank on Lake Windermere as they were secured to permanent piers and rising water engulfed them as their tethers prevented them rising with it. The chief constable reported that the infrastructure has been severely affected and it could take be years before its back to normal.
As far as the C2C route is concerned, Ennerdale, Rostwaite, Grasmere have all flooded. Dont know but I expect Patterdale must have been and areas around Hawswater. Shap being higher should be okay.
All really bad news. No more just saying "Lets have a run up to the Lake District, where should we go"? For some time to come its going to be "Where CAN we go"?
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Re: Flooding news - 24/11/09 09:23 PM

Try looking at this for Grasmere:-

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if it was not bad enough
what extra damage was he doing with the wash from his vehicle?
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Re: Flooding news - 25/11/09 04:27 PM

Harland. It is a frightening experience when Mother Nature turns against you. There is no where to go and nothing you can do but wait things out and hope for the best.
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Originally Posted By: Harland

Only one pedestrian and not many cars oh the road.
Obviously not the main tourist season.
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Re: Flooding news - 25/11/09 07:25 PM

I think we need to get our collective behinds up there in the summer,and inject some of our hard earned holiday cash back into the area.
Mrs RT has spoken.
So that'll be two trips for me.
One C2C and one Tourist thing.