Posted by: Harland

Beltpack - 28/11/13 05:50 PM

When doing multiday walks by myself e.g. Pennine Way/SWCP I normally carry my phone, SATMAP etc in my rucksack, my camera on my belt and sweets/apple/nuts stuffed in my pockets. Whilst I don't really want to add to the weight I carry has anyone any experience/thoughts of a waterproof beltpack that I could attach to the rucksack at the front to carry items. I don't really want to have another belt around my waist as I expect that would be uncomfortable. It isn't a problem when I have my waterproofs on as I can then use the pockets. I must add that the phone is always switched off and only there for emergencies but it could be a problem in my rucksack - although to date I have never needed it.
Posted by: Geo

Re: Beltpack - 28/11/13 08:58 PM

Hi Harland,
Know you mentioned you don't want another belt around your waste, (I'm assuming besides the one that is keeping your pants up?) but have you tried wearing a 'bum bag/fanny pack' belt? I've always worn one with bag to the front and find it unobtrusive. I keep stuff readily needed in it - compass, pocket knife, camera, whistle etc. Saves having to keep taking your pack on and off. Guess if you were carrying a phone or emergency locator beacon thingy it would be a good place to keep them too. You might not be able to access your pack (for whatever reason) in an emergency or accident. Don't think I'd want any 'sensitive' kit attached to the outer side of my pack - it tends to get a rough life at times!
Some of these belt bags are better made than others, so maybe check a few and see if they suit.
Cheers, George.

Posted by: Harland

Re: Beltpack - 28/11/13 09:09 PM

George, thanks. I'll take my rucksack down to the shop and try a few bum bags. I thought that with another belt around my middle it might be uncomfortable.
Posted by: Les + Heidi

Re: Beltpack - 29/11/13 06:58 AM

Maybe have a look at the chest pouches too, they clip onto the shoulder straps of your main pack. OMM and other make them. Ive promised myself a look at them at some point for all those items you mention and there's also a fold down map pouch built in.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Beltpack - 30/11/13 01:23 PM

As mentioned by Les, the chest pouches are extremely useful. I tend to get my sacks with hip belt pockets too, even so the pouches still come in very useful and everything normally required during a long walk is at hand.
Here (hopefully) are a couple of different ones worn by Spine competitors.
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Re: Beltpack - 08/12/13 12:15 PM

Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up buying a "Fjell Runner Bumbag" - well I have given it to someone so that they can give it to me for Christmas. Just enough room for what I want. I decided on a bumbag rather than a chest pouch as I am always too hot and covering my chest might have exacerbated the problem - the bumbag will also hide my stomach!
Posted by: Geo

Re: Beltpack - 09/12/13 09:07 PM

Looks good. Hope it works out ok. (just don't do what I did once and forget to zip the bag closed after using it and losing my compass out of it!) crazy

Posted by: Harland

Re: Beltpack - 09/12/13 10:12 PM

Hopefully not as I attach the compass to the shoulder strap on the rucksack. However walking Offa's Dyke this year I was concinced that I had lost it for an hour or so until following some strong winds I found it wound around the back of the rucksack!