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Posted by: Anonymous

Need info - 17/12/04 07:36 PM

Hi, I'm from SA and would like to do the Cotswolds Way between 26 Dec 04 and 3 Jan 05.

Will I find other walkers along the way at this time of year?

Is it safe for a woman to walk by herself?
Posted by: rklandry

Re: Need info - 18/12/04 01:12 AM

On your second question, it's always a good idea to have a walking companion. It's not so much for safety & security (at least in the UK) but for for medical emergencies just in case you fall and injure yourself (like late in the day with a freezing night coming on) and you need someone to go for help.
Posted by: jock

Re: Need info - 18/12/04 06:47 AM

The cotswold way is a very popular walk at any time of year, but like most walks, with some sections walked more than others. The walk passes many good villages with pubs ect so no problems for food and accom ect. So enjoy it!
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Re: Need info - 19/12/04 10:39 AM

Thanks for your replies rklandry and jock. I've decided to be safe and just do some day walks this time and use the rest of my leave to explore the South West of England.
Posted by: argonaut

Re: Need info - 20/12/04 08:44 AM

Lesia........have a nice Christmas.