Angles Way

Posted by: HB

Angles Way - 21/07/11 05:08 AM

Living right on the Angles Way route and not doing it must be classed as a sin..... so off we jolly well go. We started at Knettishall Heath and covered the first 13 miles on Monday, and aim to walk part of it every week until we reach great old Great Yarmouth.

It's a fairly short walk about 78 miles on very flat land which is marshy in places. Husband or some other kind soul will be dropping us off and (hopefully) picking us up each time we walk.

The first bit was past Riddlesworth Hall School, where the late Diana Princess of Wales attended, along the Little Ouse River and the source of the River Waveney, through Redgrave and Lopham Fens and walking just above the Bressingham Steam museum before finally ending in Diss.
It was just perfect, even though we did get some of that wet stuff from above. We petted the Fen ponies, watched dragon flies and an abundance of birds both wetland and tree dwellers. What a wonderful walk and what a stupid person I am for not doing it sooner.

I shall post bits of the walk on here as we do them and hopefully inspire others to get their boots on to do this walk. It may be flat, but there is so much to see, the real challenge is not getting up to your ears in water, rather than seeing if you can climb a mountain!!!
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Re: Angles Way - 22/07/11 06:16 AM

Heather, I have a friend visiting Norfolk in Sept, she plans to walk Peddars Way.
How many paths are there in that area? I also heard of Inceni Way. Most seem to start or finish near Knettishall Heath.

My question is; do these paths share some of the same trails or are they completely separate? Also, would you recommend Angles Way over the others?
You apparently know the area, so could you help me out?
Posted by: HB

Re: Angles Way - 22/07/11 09:09 AM

Hello Gregg, It depends on how long your friend is staying in the area. All the walks are lovely and on fairly flat ground. We have not walked any of them yet, although we have lived here for over 25 years!! So we have started with the Angles Way, next on the list is Peddars Way.

Peddars Way also starts at Knettishal Heather and crosses the Nar Valley Way, it ends on the coast where the Norfolk Coast Path takes over in one direction in the other direction they can pick up the Iceni Way which starts at Kings Lynn and ends in Thetford quite near the start of Peddars Way.

Wish them the best of luck and let us all know which one(s) she does and how she gets on.
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Re: Angles Way - 28/07/11 07:55 PM

Day two of the Angles way Diss to Harleston 13 miles. Monday was a cloudy but dry day, just right for walking. Three of us set off at a good pace, through the town centre and out towards Frenze Hall. Then off across fields and down the old Scole to Diss rail line heading in the general direction of the A140, over more fields and soon we were on the track for Billingsford, turning right brought us to the A143. Dodging cars we found the path to the River Waveney and followed it for some while before heading away from the river and walking along a beautiful path in dry water meadows. We saw lots of wildlife, deer, rabbits, fox etc. The birdlife included a kingfisher darting along the river bank.
Through the village of Brockford and skirting Weybread, we found ourselves on the path leading to the Market Place in Harleston. Our pickup driver was waiting with the promise of ice cream if we arrived on time... we did.
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Re: Angles Way - 20/10/11 12:56 PM

I have a question for HB (Heather) or anyone else familiar with Angles Way. I intend to walk Angles Way, Peddars Way and probably the Norfolk Coast path next year. I will use a baggage transfer operator for Peddars Way, but can not find one for Angles Way. Is it feasible to have a B&B base somewhere along Angles Way and bus to and from starting/finishing points each day. I would appreciate any advice.
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Re: Angles Way - 30/04/12 07:24 AM

Sorry Barney44 I have not been on here for a while. I don't know of any baggage operators for Angles Way.

You may find it easier to book B&B's at Diss, Harleston and Beccles and take a bus to and from your walk. The bus services in this par of the world are not good at all.

Best of luck
Posted by: barney44

Re: Angles Way - 24/06/12 02:33 AM

Thank you Heather for your reply. Like you I have not been able to get on this forum for some time.
I walked the Angles Way, Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast path in May not long after the very very wet April!
I used Beccles and Diss as my two bases for the Angles Way and used buses,trains and the odd taxi to get me to zand vfrom starting/finishing points.
The Angles way was very wet and overgrown in places, and at one point after Bungay I was stopped by floodwaters and had to detour round another 5 miles back on to the path.
Overall, not one of my better walks.