Lyke Wake Walk

Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Lyke Wake Walk - 20/07/13 07:31 PM

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to access this forum for a while due to the Trojan Horse Block. Nice to be back.

I have just returned from doing the Lyke Wake Walk as a holiday rather than the 24hour challenge, and I well recommend it.

It was 35 years ago since I walked across these moors (North Yorkshire) in 18 hours, and I have always had a soft spot for them. So before my new dog and I start the first part of Offas Dyke in August I thought I would re-visit them as part of my training....and to see how my knee (Severe osteo-arthritis) and my dog hold up to walking 4 days on the trot.

I stayed at The Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge and got transport each day to and from the walk, although on two of the days I finished and then set off at the pub. Yes this was an expensive way to do it and it involved a little walking off the route to get to/return to my pick up points, but it was well worth it.

If you love the moors as I do, then you will just love doing it this way (alternatively you could stop at different B&Bs along the way but I preferred a base this time).

For most of the time there was just Harlie (the dog) and I, curlews, plovers and grouse and the odd lark. Coming off Wheeldale we nearly stepped on an adder dozing in the sun. It was right on the path so I don't know how Harlie missed it. I was so lucky with the weather, mild, sunny mostly in the afternoons, and dry with a slight breeze, all of which obviously helped with the enjoyment. Route finding wasn't a problem. In fact I only went slightly off course once, walking from Shunner Howe to Hamer. The Guide book did say watch out for the false path to the right from the cairn. I kept my eyes open for it but stayed on the main track...only to find myself at the road in front of a sign which said "Lyke Wake Walk 200 yards up the road". Well, at least it meant I wasn't the only one who had trodden that way!

I think if anyone wanted an introduction to LDPs, although this isn't actually one, then I highly recommend it. However you must note that it doesn't go through any villages and there is hardly any fresh water to be had, so you will need to bear this in mind.

I just thought I would share this with you as it really was a beautiful walk, easy, peaceful and very relaxing.
Just what I needed.
Posted by: MIKE M

Re: Lyke Wake Walk - 21/07/13 10:24 AM

Welcome back Janice,nice to see u again. Hope all is well
Posted by: lightweightmick

Re: Lyke Wake Walk - 21/07/13 12:59 PM

Sounds great! As you may have read on the C2C thread I found the LWW a good direct line for my new route. I only saw 2 groups of DoE's and one lady until meeting my 1st Coasters on the road at Rosedale Head.
The lady I met negotiating the bogs to the south of Cock Heads had wet feet. We found it amusing that we both had wet feet for some reason... can't have been you though as I don't recall a Harlie...
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Lyke Wake Walk - 21/07/13 02:35 PM

Welcome back from me too Janice and Harlie.
Good to hear you are still managing to get out and about despite your knee problems.