South West Coast Path - BBC 5 part series

Posted by: Harland

South West Coast Path - BBC 5 part series - 08/09/16 08:30 PM

Only being shown in the South West Region at the moment but you can see it on iPlayer. Worth looking at if considering walking the SWCP although a lot of the path, by necessity, isn't included as it is 630 miles long! See:-
Posted by: john57r

Re: South West Coast Path - BBC 5 part series - 14/09/16 09:13 PM

Just watched it Harland. Having walked 420 odd miles of it this year; I may not be the best judge of this programme; which does seem like a travelogue hung around the frame of the SWCP.
It simply ignores the pain of the process and the two day jumps in scenery stops may seem like an affront to our labours. I suppose it does publicise the walk a bit and that is good.
I do think ; like the PW program this guy did last year; he should devote a bit more time to the path itself and the challenge it raises. I don't think this will bore people and maybe some stats will encourage them.