Alpine Pass Route

Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Alpine Pass Route - 16/07/05 08:12 PM

We're doing the Alpine Pass Route in September. We go east to west and end close to Geneva. We have several extra days before heading home and haven't decided where we want to hang out before heading to the airport. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Posted by: Oldun

Re: Alpine Pass Route - 16/07/05 10:58 PM

During September the weather in the Lac Leman area should be nice. As I am sure that you will have had enough walking, why not get on a lake steamer and visit some of the towns and villages along the lake shore: Yvoire and Evian on the French side, and Morges, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux on the Swiss side. If you buy a 5 day travel pass at Geneva railway station, you get 2 days free travel on the steamers or trains, plus 3 days at half fare. You could get the train from Geneva to Montreux, then transfer on to the Golden Pass panoramic train that winds it's way through the mountains to Kandersteig. Wonderful sight seeing trip this one. Geneva is a big expensive city and you can find yourself being ripped off. You do not say whether you are camping or hoteling. Take a tour from Geneva of the wine region that stretches down the Swiss lake shore to and passed Montreux. You will just becoming into the harvest time. Sample some wines that are unique to Switzerland. I am sounding like a travel agent.
Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: Alpine Pass Route - 17/07/05 05:20 PM

Thank you Oldun, you can be my travel agent any time. We're staying in hotels or mountain inns the entire walk, and having our luggage moved by Sherpa (train). Given the fact that we only have three days before flying home, I'd rather stay in a smaller town (than Geneva) and explore the surrounding area. Your suggestions sound just perfect, we'll look into this.