Derwent Valley Heritage Way

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Derwent Valley Heritage Way - 16/10/05 05:24 PM

I am still alive and doing some long walks with no real name or purpose other than to do it and keep my hand in. However, a friend and I had a go at this Derwent walk, 55 miles it is, the book splits it into several stages, but we tried to do it in one go.
It is fairly easy to follow, no real big climbs, High Tor in Matlock is the biggest, it has some grubby bits to it, like through Derby but it has some nice bits, like through Chatsworth Park. With 18 hours and over 50 miles of walking, much of it through the night, we had to give up just a few miles from the end. It was so painful and hard to keep going, but I am not too un- happy about the result really. Not everyone's idea of fun, but a challenge which arose from the likes of Slogger who put ideas into my head about 'ultra walks' after I'd done the C2C earlier this year.
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Re: Derwent Valley Heritage Way - 17/10/05 01:44 PM

Pity you didn't get to the end. You could have said whether they have replaced the bridge over the Derwent yet or not.
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Re: Derwent Valley Heritage Way - 17/10/05 03:37 PM

It is a pity I agree. Part of the reason is that with the bridge being down, we would have had to come back to Shardlow and this was all adding to the distance and pain. The bridge is supposed to be up next year, but I take whatever the council says with a very large bucket of salt!
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Re: Derwent Valley Heritage Way - 17/10/05 08:08 PM

Didnt finish! Brilliant effort non the less. These non stoppers are a learning curve with each one. Each time you get a problem, afterwards you look for ways to prevent a recurrence next time, and so on, until all you have to bother is personal fitness. I find the best to stay on top form, is by, when going for a walk, say. in the lakes, I make it a long one with plenty of climbs and a lot of hieght loss in between, so the next climb is a big one as well and so on.
I have always found it extremely hard to complete a non stopper with a companion along. It is easier going solo. As you go through so many pain barriers, when you are having a good spell, you can bet your life your companion is going through a bad patch, and vice versa.
You will succeed, next time, have no doubt!

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Re: Derwent Valley Heritage Way - 18/10/05 10:37 PM

Thanks for that Slogger. I agree with your comments about going solo, though some may argue that the safety factor is an issue, but hey, it's a personal thing I think. I don't want to go solo all the time. I have to say thast my partner went through a great spell along a canal bank at 2-3 in the morning and kept dropping me, I had to dig deep to get back on. Then we stopped for a rest as I wanted to eat more, after that he hurt more than I, that was after 40 odd miles. But we both agreed to quit at around 51 miles, so I don't want to put the blame on him, I could have tried to carry on but it was agonising at that point. Will I try that again, I don't know? It's funny, at the time you always say never again, but on reflection, it is a challenge that failed in reality, despite the distance and hours covered, so I perhaps will have to sometime!