Wainwright Witsuntide Walk

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Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 15/01/06 08:59 PM

Has anyone done the 6 day Whitsuntide walk? This was the walk that A. Wainwright did with three of his friends on his second visit to the Lake District. The walk was redesigned to be completed in 11 days and called the Memorial Walk, but I'd like to contact anyone who attempted the original, six day walk.
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Re: Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 16/01/06 10:17 AM

I attempted it in 1997 but abandoned it after a couple of days due to extreme heat but the two days I spent on it showed me it would be a tough walk even in normal conditions.At the time I was carrying a tent and thep ack was quite heavy but if I attempted it again I would do it like Wainwright did and stay in bed and breakfast.IMO providing you aren't carrying too much and have a good level of mountain fitness you should be able to keep to Wainwrights schedule.Don't forget that Wainwright wasn't a runner and his only exercise was walking so if he could do it there is no reason why we can't repeat the exercise.Might have another crack at it myself later this year.
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Re: Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 29/03/06 08:44 PM

Hello UK, I've never heard of this walk it sounds interesting, where can I find details. Is there a web site or even a book....? Regards Joe.
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Re: Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 29/03/06 11:08 PM

Hi Joespy,

Here is the link to the Wainwright Memorial Walk book on Amazon:
Sorry Joespy... I had to pull the link off...it made the page too wide and lightwieghtmick got mad at me [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/wink.gif[/img] Just search for it on Amazon


"Wainwright Memorial Walk: 102 mile walk followed by A Wainwright through some of his favourite Lake District places starting and finishing at Windermere."

"Synopsis -
In 1931, the author and three companions walked through the Lake District on such a route that every lake, every valley and every mountain would be seen, if not actually visited. The "manuscript" consists of five pages of text which is in the ownership of the last surviving member of the walking team. The book is mainly photographic, but enhanced by Wainwright's own illustrations from his pictorial guides and captions drawn from his text."

Hope this helps

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Re: Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 11/05/17 06:51 PM

Wow. I was searching for information regarding the Whitsuntide Walk, and I found that I had asked this question over 12 years ago!!
I am doing the walk in 4 weeks' time. I should have done it 12 years ago!!!
107 miles in 6 days. Wainwright was a maniac!
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Re: Wainwright Witsuntide Walk - 13/05/17 11:19 AM

That's less than 20 mile a day, a stroll in the park.