Alton Aragon

Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Alton Aragon - 25/11/07 10:54 PM

I've been gone from this forum for quite a while, since Kilimanjaro. We just returned from a fantastic experience doing the Inca Trail to Manchu Picchu, then some time in the Amazon, in September and are looking for next year's trek.

Has anyone experienced the Alton Aragon trek in the Spanish Pyrenees?
Posted by: Jean from Boston

Re: Alton Aragon - 27/11/07 02:49 PM

Could you tell us more about the Inca Trail trip? Which outfitter did you book with? Were you satisfied? We'd like to do this in May or June. Did it seem like too many people on the trail?
Posted by: Gregg

Re: Alton Aragon - 27/11/07 11:01 PM

Taylor, I haven't heard of Alton Aragon. Is it near the Camino de Compostola?

Jean, my daughter and her husband went to Machu Picchu
in Sept. They couldn't get space on the Inca Trail, but found an 8 day trek that ended at Machu Picchu, starting at Cachora and passing through a huge archeological site just being excavated called Choqyequirao. However, this is an arduous and dangerous trek even with donkeys, guide and cook.
Posted by: chacho

Re: Alton Aragon - 20/01/08 06:54 PM

The correct name is Alto Aragón. I only know the gr-11 that is the one which cross the pirineos. Try this for futher information

Espero os valga.

Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: Alton Aragon - 21/01/08 05:18 PM

Jean - We used an outfit directly from Peru, Andean Life (Sherpa also has a tour there). You can find all the info you need from their website. I know other people who used their services and were very happy. If you want to do it in May or June, you'd need to book quickly as it fills up very fast.

We never thought the trail was over-crowded and always wondered where the "500-people per day" were. Some of the camps were crowded, but it really wasn't a problem.

The ruins are crowded, as people come up on buses all day long. It's a huge place though. Also, you will have seen other ruins on the trail, with no other people, so the trail certainly gives you extra benefits.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: Alton Aragon - 09/03/08 05:41 PM

We have now decided to do the Camino de Compostola which is a 14-day walk from Leon to Santiago.

I'm looking for information on what and where to go after Santiago. We'll have 2-3 days before catching a plane out of Midrid.

Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.