Wicklow Way

Posted by: scaredovheights

Wicklow Way - 08/12/10 06:52 PM

Has anyone done this? I would be interested in what you thought of it and are there any bad drops, cliff edges, I was assured on here about the Coast to Coast and the advice proved correct.

Also, does anyone know where I can get a copy of the J B Malone guide book to the walk?
Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Re: Wicklow Way - 06/01/11 01:58 PM

I have a book on this as I had planned to do it. I don't think there were any major drops or anything to worry about.
Posted by: rogere

Re: Wicklow Way - 06/01/11 03:55 PM

I did it a long time ago before Irish O/S maps were available and it was a nightmare of route finding. I'm hope it has improved now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't as they are not very diligent about waymarking in Ireland.......

Cordee maps has a guide:

Posted by: Stottie

Re: Wicklow Way - 08/01/11 02:30 PM

Hi scaredofheights

Try this link. http://www.rucsacs.com/books/Wicklow-Way/
There you'll also find a link to a forum for the Wicklow Way
Posted by: scaredovheights

Re: Wicklow Way - 10/01/11 09:14 PM

Thanks a lot Stottie, just the job.
Posted by: Scott H

Re: Wicklow Way - 04/07/12 07:44 PM

Did you complete this? I'm looking at Ireland next summer (2013) and would appreciate your comments on this walk.
Posted by: scaredovheights

Re: Wicklow Way - 05/07/12 07:12 PM

No Scott, sorry I didn't but would love to hear how you go on if you do it.
Posted by: cosmic cowboy

Re: Wicklow Way - 24/07/13 12:58 PM

Hi guys.

I realise this post might be a bit late for some who asked questions regarding this walk.

My wife and I walked the Wicklow Way in June 2013. it's a very easy walk compared to some long distance walks, the only complaint we have is that a lot of the trees have been cleared in the many woods/forests that dominate the walk but other than that it is a good walk with some great views. The main thing that sticks in our mind is the B&B's we stayed in, the owners are so helpful and the accommodation is first class.
It's a walk well worth doing.