Recommend me a walking shoe?

Posted by: scaredovheights

Recommend me a walking shoe? - 28/05/13 03:30 AM

I have been wearing Hedgehogs for a year or two but may have a change. I would get another pair but only want to pay about 85 and can't source a size 10.5 in the black so I'm considering a change. If anyone can suggest a good alternative it would be great. As it would be a change I'm happy to be in the 80 to 110 region?
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Recommend me a walking shoe? - 31/05/13 01:27 PM

As you know the hedgehog is a superb walkiong shoe, I have three pairs. However if you really do want a change, why not look at shoes by Merrel, or Salomon.
I also have the Keen Targhee, a superb robust walking shoe with a waterproof liner but slightl;y heavier than the Hedgehog.
Posted by: lightweightmick

Re: Recommend me a walking shoe? - 11/06/13 11:11 PM

I ordered a pair of these today as a second pair.
(if ordering 2 pairs at present you get second pair at half price) from the helpful staff at the Factory Shop in Shap: 01931 716333 - usually less than RRP - 2 pairs always better than one and 2 pairs for around 90 (inc. carriage) can't be bad. If you need to send 'em back (I've never had to send any back mind) return postage is at own cost. They also do walking only shoes, but I do half run/walk with their running shoe without problems