Secondhand C2C Maps

Posted by: leki rulz

Secondhand C2C Maps - 23/11/04 05:33 AM

Anyone have any Coast 2 Coast Maps they are willing to sell second hand?

Or strip maps?

If so, please contact me at:

oztwo @

But delete the spaces on either side of the @ in the email address before you post, otherwise it will be returned by the mailer daemon.
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 26/11/04 10:16 PM

Try You might strike lucky
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 26/11/04 10:25 PM

Might be of interest to you on ebay Wainwright's Way Coast to Coast video Item number: 6343054512
probally in PAL (UK) format
Posted by: leki rulz

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 03/12/04 05:45 AM

I've been keeping close tabs on ebay and missed out on two perfect Footprints maps which I would have loved. Even tho' they are old.

Can actually view that video on there atm through my library (I think) so am giving that a miss.

But thanks, Tom! Still looking. [img][/img]
Posted by: leki rulz

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 08/02/05 06:35 AM

Having no success with second hand C2C OS map purchasing so gonna try another tack.

Is anyone interested in lending or renting their large OS C2C maps for a period in August/September this year? I'd try bartering if I thought that would work but the only thing in excess we have here at the moment that everyone else likely doesn't have is hot sun. Stinking hot sun. And I haven't quite gotten the knack of bottling that yet. But, if and when I do that may well be on the cards. [img][/img]

I don't know that we'll ever actually open the big OS maps enroute as we have the strip maps, and Hannon, and an old overview map of the walk region, but we still believe we would like the security of the appropriate OS full map in our trail pack each day -- just in case. Tucked away carefully.

Here's the list we understand we need--and my email address is in the first post above if anyone is so inclined.

303 Whitehaven and Workington, Cockermouth
OL 4 English Lakes North West
OL7 English Lakes South east (only a bit needed)
OL5 English Lakes North East
OL19 Howgill Fells and Upper Eden Valley
OL30 Yorkshire Dales Northern and Central
304 Darlington and Richmond, Egglescliffe
302 Northallerton and Thirsk, Catterick and Bedale
OL26 North Yorkshire Moors West
OL27 North Yorkshire Moors East

We would try to look after them very carefully and return them promptly -- and replace any we might inadvertently damage.

Posted by: LouisaL

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 08/02/05 03:27 PM

hi leki - i can't lend you my maps i'm afraid, we are doing the c2c in august too. BUT, i did manage to get almost all of them from ebay. i set up search criteria to make it quicker, and ran the searches about twice a took about 2/3 months to get them all, though still missing 303. good idea to borrow maps, but i reckon its worth keeping an eye on ebay in the meantime.
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 08/02/05 08:21 PM

If you feel you only want them as a back up, why not get the 1:50,000 Landranger series. That way you won't need as many and it's less weight for you to carry
Posted by: leki rulz

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 10/02/05 12:33 AM

Ah, Louisa, you are no doubt the one who has been winning all the maps on ebay. Well done you for hanging in there.

And yep, I agree, lending is smart for such things.

No worries, I now (thanks to many kind people on this list who offered their help via my inbox) have the map problem licked.

I have a barter happening: Aussie Bed and Breakfasts in exchange for the maps.

That's what I call a win-win scenario-especially if Mr Leki gets to do the cooking. Hee.

Posted by: Jonnyboy

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 27/02/05 05:11 PM

There is a set of maps plus the Hannon book on sale on Ebay at the moment.

Posted by: trailhound

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 02/03/05 06:17 PM

I'm in the same boat trying to find maps. I can use a compass, gps, etc. but have no skill with ebay. Can you put in a search that will continue to search for the item even though it is not currently available?

Obviously, I need the explorer maps for C2C in September, 2005.
Posted by: Trekker

Re: Secondhand C2C Maps - 11/03/05 03:56 AM

I found these up for sale on ebay:



They have about 4 days to go.

It helps if you use the UK site. They don't always show up on the US one.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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