Fleece - Reluctant Sale

Posted by: H

Fleece - Reluctant Sale - 25/01/06 03:41 PM

Top of the range Mountain Hardwear 'Monkey-man' fleece jacket in Silver.

Made in Polartec 200 "Thermo-Pro". Imported from USA to save money (Right! - until I saw the import duty!). Sizing has come up too small for me (undeniably - which is a shame 'cos I thought this would be my pride and joy!).

I can't send it back, so selling it on after one outing.

Labelled 'Large', but definitely would be classed as 'Medium' in UK shops.

UK price 90 -110. Will sell for 40 o.n.o.
Pictured here:-


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Posted by: Gregg

Re: Fleece - Reluctant Sale - 02/02/06 02:41 AM

Just a comment on your dilemma:

I had a similar problem with a Marmot fleece, a large size which seemed a little tight-fitting. After losing about 10 pounds on the C2C, I was very happy with the fit, although it still seemed more like a medium size.

The other day, I was in a local sports store checking out a Mountain Hardwear Conduit jacket for LDPs, so I tried on a couple of their fleece jackets to check the size. The large sizes definately seemed more roomy than my Marmot fleece, so I am puzzled that you have a problem.
To finish my story, the conduit jacket in a medium size fit me quite well, but I decided to re-waterproof my old Jansport which I love.
The MH jackets are really nice, so I sympathize with your plight.
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Re: Fleece - Reluctant Sale - 02/02/06 11:42 AM

Have since sold it.

The problem seems to be the "Harness Cut" of the fleece, which means that its a lot longer at the back, than at the front.

Although not particularly over-weight at 6' and 13st 6lb, it seems that the development of a small pot-belly, due to advancing age and a fondness for stopping off at every good pub on my walks, is enough for the front of the fleece to have too far to travel to comfortably cover my indulgences!

Tried Lowe Alpines "Furnace" fleece at the weekend (virtually identical) - only a large available, and again too short on the front! (Harness cut once more - bloody climbers!) - And of course neither of these have a waist cinch cord to help pull them in at the waist so any over-hang just gapes.

Am now waiting for delivery of a North Face Suila fleece - same material, but (I am assurred) more generously cut - got the guy in the mail order shop to maesure zip length before ordering! - Was hoping to avoid anything by TNF - since it seems to becoming street wear for 'Chavs' - but needs must!