SATMAP map sale

Posted by: slowcoach

SATMAP map sale - 21/09/10 07:39 PM

For anyone with (or thinking of getting) a SATMAP they are having a sale on their national trail maps. These can be viewed on their website.
Posted by: Harland

Re: SATMAP map sale - 29/10/10 04:55 PM

I have a SATMAP and it is really good (no I am not employed by them) but if you are thinking of getting one see below.

SATMAP have an offer on:-

Limited offer, while stocks last the Active 10 PLUS (SRP 387.99) has now been bundled to include Ordnance Survey GB Whole at 1:50,000 scale. A superb offer on our award-winning GPS. The GB Whole map card, which normally retails at 203.99, gives complete Great Britain coverage on the one SD card
Posted by: scaredovheights

Re: SATMAP map sale - 03/03/11 10:40 PM

I want to get hold of the Snowdonia map card and the Clwyd. Big outlay, do they have sales often or should I bite the bullet?
Posted by: Harland

Re: SATMAP map sale - 04/03/11 11:08 AM

The sales don't appear to be that frequent but it is worth keeping an eye on their website. Alternatively Ebay do have them on occasions.
Posted by: slowcoach

Re: SATMAP map sale - 06/03/11 09:56 PM

Ebay has acquired a reputation for sellers selling fake map card (ie clones). SATMAP warn you that using one could invalidate your warranty. This could, of course, just be sales speak. The answer is, if a seller has multiple copies of a map then they are probably fakes. Ask the seller if they are boxed. If not, despite what they say, avoid them.

If anyone has bought an unboxed one off Ebay, has it worked OK?

Look on the SATMAP site itself (under "shop" and see if they are having a special offer. These tend to appear towards the end of each month. It MAY be better getting a site centred map covering the area that you are likely to visit, but only if you are a frequent visitor.
Posted by: scaredovheights

Re: SATMAP map sale - 07/03/11 07:50 PM

Thanks to you guys for your help here, I must admit I'm surprised there isn't a bigger market for the cards on EBay.
Posted by: Les + Heidi

Re: SATMAP map sale - 07/03/11 08:29 PM

I suppose people may buy one off walking maps like C2C or PW and then sell them on afterwards but otherwise why would you want to sell a specific area map like the lakes when there's a good chance of a future visit ?
I can see ebay having plenty of fake copies but I wouldn't expect to see lots of genuine area maps for sale TBH. It would be nice to be able to hire maps for one off visits to new areas but I cant see that happening at sensible pricing ?
Im slowly building a collection so keep an eye for the sales too, the national park maps are still very expensive