Completed the walk

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Completed the walk - 19/06/09 11:24 AM

Started walking just after 12 noon on saturday from Wallsend, we came across quite a lot of teenagers (some younger) drinking on the path all the way through Newcastle this made us feel a bit uneasy at times....Monday would of been a better day to start when they would of been at school!

We camped the first night at Heddon-on-the-wall in a field belonging to friendly woman in the village, she wouldn`t except any payment fom us which was very kind of her.

Day two we marched onto Chollerford, we found the motorbikes a pain screaming past us on the B6318, there was hundreds of them with it being a Sunday, the campsite at Collerford was ok.

Day three was a long day, 20 miles to Greenhead, it felt a lot further with all those ups and downs on route, the campsite at Greenhead was great.

Day four we had breakfast at the House of meg tea rooms in Gilsland which is well worth a visit, we camped the night at Laversdale just off the route near Carlisle airport.

Day five we just managed to pack the tents away before it started to rain, at Carlisle my mate sadly had to give up the walk due to some very bad blisters, I plodded on in the rain stopping off a the pub in Burgh by Sands for couple of pints of Guinness (good pub) the wind and rain got even worse when I was crossing the long section through the salt marsh, About a mile before Bowness the rain stopped and the sun came out....Great!.....I rolled into Bowness just after 5pm very wet and tired after 21 miles but I soon recovered after a few pints in pub, that night I treated myself to a B&B the Maia Lodge nice place great people highly recommended.

I enjoyed the walk loved all the history of it....would I do it again?.....No!.....far too much walking on tarmac for me.

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Re: Completed the walk - 19/06/09 08:20 PM

I saw loads of people doing the walk Spring Bank Holiday week and they all seemed happy.
I'm no fan of tarmac myself, and for me the bit that's most worthwhile is the middle section east of Greenhead. Twice Brewed Inn fed me a gargantuan lunch, and can be combined with Vindolanda excavations for a half-day with camping at Winshields Farm.