Tide Tables for Solway coast

Posted by: runnerbeen

Tide Tables for Solway coast - 01/02/10 08:39 PM

Hi all,
Our HW B&Bs are all booked up and we should be walking the Carlisle-Bowness final leg on Mon 12 April. The guide book warns of high tides briefly flooding this part. Does anyone know the likely extent, or timing of this. The only leads I've got on tide tables are for 'current week' on local newspaper websites.
Any ideas for a wider search?
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Re: Tide Tables for Solway coast - 21/02/10 07:12 PM

hi runnerbeen in reply to your tide problem get in touch with the harbour master at maryport and ask for the tide time for mary port he should tell you how much time you add or subtract for the tides in bowness. or when i get back onboard ship 3 march iwill find out for you but i dont get home till end of march.
Posted by: runnerbeen

Re: Tide Tables for Solway coast - 22/02/10 09:59 AM

Thanks 030675 for your tips. In fact I went back to reading the guide book (Burton . p 128) and discovered I had earlier missed his quoted phone number of the Tourist Info office at Silloth.
These helpful folk duly explained that on 12th April the high tide will occur in the morning, around 10 to 11am, and will be a mere 6metre one. Its only the extreme Spring and Autumn 8 metre high tides that cause flooding on the HW path.
I will try and get hold of their full 2010 local Tide Tables when up there and identify the dates when this might happen, then post it here for future paddlers.
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Re: Tide Tables for Solway coast - 22/02/10 04:09 PM

good luck with your walk hope to do it in two years time next two years holidays are taken care of. Plenty of time to train up up for it but no hills here in belgium let me know how you get on best wishes to you and all