Best-made plans.....

Posted by: runnerbeen

Best-made plans..... - 28/03/10 09:59 PM

The air was blue in our house last week when we heard about the threatened rail strike. Tuesday 6 April. Our departure day for Newcastle, with those very cherished 10-60 Advance rail tickets!! Solution?? Quickly book two tickets on National Express coach; a bit more expensive (and several hours longer), but at least we've got two chances now, and the possibility of getting money back on the ones we don't use.
So our program is: April 6th Hadrians Lodge
7th Houghton North
8th Greencarts
9th Twice Brewed
10th Scarrow Hill (Banks)
11th Abberley House Carlisle, -twice, including 12th when our wives have driven up to rescue us from Bowness .
Managed to do some excellent 13 to 14 mile training circuits around the Lincolnshire Wolds with 400 metres of ascent! (not bad for "flat" Lincolnshire!!)
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Re: Best-made plans..... - 05/04/10 09:23 AM

Good luck Runnerbean - hope you have a very enjoyable walk.

Was I right in thinking that the strike was called off? I hope so.
I just hope they don't go on strike in May when I travel to St. Bees - hubby is on standby with the car in case wink grin
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Re: Best-made plans..... - 13/04/10 09:54 PM

Thanks for the good wishes Calluna. We've just got back home today. An excellent walk!! Can't believe how lucky we were with the great weather (and the trains running).
Our programme panned out very well: a hard 17 mile slog on day 2 getting us to Sandra's at "Greencarts" (2.5 miles West of Chollerford); this gave us an 'easy' 11mile day 3 to start enjoying the REAL scenery as we headed to "Twice Brewed".
I did manage to photograph the Tide Tables for May & June on a notice board in the salt marsh near the Solway, so if there's anything useful I'll post it here when I've deciphered it.
Good luck with the trains on your May C2C.
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Re: Best-made plans..... - 15/04/10 01:21 PM

Sounds like you had a really good time........jammy with the weather as well cool

Hadrian's wall is on my to do list - along with numerous others! Thinking Offa's Dyke or West Highland Way for next year at the mo. If I do Offa's will split it, one week in May and 1 week in September.

Really excited now for May, starting to make my packing list already *lol*