Which is the best Guide?

Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Which is the best Guide? - 21/08/14 03:37 PM

Hi, I am walking the Cleveland Way next year and just had a couple of questions.

1) Which do people recommend as being the best Guide Book?
2) When do you think the best time would be to do it?
3) Do you meet many cows en route...I have a dog and always bear this in mind.
4) Do you find most B&B's will take your luggage on or does one have to rely on a baggage Service if you don't want to carry your own?

Thank you.
Posted by: Harland

Re: Which is the best Guide? - 21/08/14 05:09 PM

I don't know if it is the best Guide Book but I used The Cicerone Guide - The Cleveland Way and The Yorkshire Wolds Way by Paddy Dillon which was fine.

I walked it in May but I guess that later in the year may be better when the heather will be in full bloom. As far as animals are concerned there were a few racing horse riding stables near Sutton Bank. I even frightened the horses and their jockeys to such an extent they had to turn round and go back - I was standing still and hiding my walking pole at the time - don't think I'll put my money on them! There was a field with a few cows shortly after leaving Osmotherley. To be honest after that I really can't remember any more cows. I carry all my "stuff" so can't advise you on the later query. If you have time add the Yorkshire Wolds Way to your walk, it was surprisingly good - much better than I anticipated.
Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Re: Which is the best Guide? - 22/08/14 10:56 AM

Thanks Harland. Are you really that scary to look at...poor horses? I have done the Wolds Way many many years ago. I can't even remember much about it except that it was lovely easy strolling through pretty countryside. I might do it again some time.
Posted by: MIKE M

Re: Which is the best Guide? - 22/08/14 07:40 PM

welcome back JANICE nice to see u walking again
Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Re: Which is the best Guide? - 25/08/14 06:04 PM

Hi Mike, I've never really stopped walking. My consultant said I would only ever get 1/2 way up a mountain whilst I was on chemo.....hmmm....I climbed to the top of different ones every three weeks. But walking every day for a number of days was something I didn't know whether I was capable of any more, nor did I know if my new dog was up to it. Needn't have worried on either score. Thank you for the welcome back...that was nice.