OD pts 2 and 3 on hold

Posted by: Calluna

OD pts 2 and 3 on hold - 12/03/12 09:45 AM

Have decided to put my plans to walk pt.2 and 3 of Offas Dyke on hold for this year. Need to use most of my allocated Annual Leave to spend more time with my husband.
Will probably combine the 2 parts into 1 for a much needed getaway at the time.
To be honest, doing the walk on my own is probably not the best thing for me at the mo - too much time to think! May meet my 2 friends who are starting JOGLE next month for a few days somewhere handy like Yorkshire or Staffordshire if things are ok at home at the time.

Hope you all have a lovely walking year. Heather x
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Re: OD pts 2 and 3 on hold - 12/03/12 09:06 PM

It's horrible isn't it when you are chomping at the bit, to get going. I do sympathise, and fully understand that you feel, that you couldn't possibly go in the circumstances. You do need to treat yourself to the occasional break though, and just get out there occasionally. That's what I do, although that nagging feeling of guilt is never far away.
I hope you do manage to to have a short break and don't forget to look after yourself too.
Posted by: Calluna

Re: OD pts 2 and 3 on hold - 16/03/12 08:36 AM

Thanks Dave, I will make sure I have a bit of a break when really needed. Just hope the cancer stays at bay enough for Tom to enjoy Spring and Summer, we see an Oncologist soon so should have better idea then of how quickly it will progress.

We really thought he had beaten it this time last year, but it has come back with avengence mad
Hope Mrs Slogger is doing ok at the moment, are you still up for the 5 day without buying food on trail C2C this year?
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Re: OD pts 2 and 3 on hold - 16/03/12 09:16 PM

Hi Heather,
Really sorry to hear that news, I truely hope it works out well for your hubbyvthis time and you can get out and complete your walk when the time's right. All the best.
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Re: OD pts 2 and 3 on hold - 17/03/12 02:31 PM

Originally Posted By: Calluna

Hope Mrs Slogger is doing ok at the moment, are you still up for the 5 day without buying food on trail C2C this year?

Thanks Calluna, yes my wife is 'stable' although because we missed her EEG results while we were away on holiday in January, we now have to wait until May. However if there was something significantly different, I doubt they would keep us waiting that long. The main problem is with my multi day trips, is that she feels vulnerable, on her own, especially with no friends or reatives nearby. I do my best and always leave her all the telephone numbers etc for emergencies and even ask the guy from across the drive if she can come to him with any household problems. However she would only ask anyone for help as an extreme last resort, she would more likely sit at home freezing if the heating broke down until I returned.
Not withstanding all that, re another 5 dayer?
Who knows, I have all sorts of stuff I want to do in my head, so will probably just decide last minute. I have done two C2C crossing within 7 months of each other and although I haven't finished with the route as yet, I sometimes think maybe I should leave it alone for a few years.
Problem with that is, whilst I feel I can still give it some now, will I still be able to then?
In the greater context of things, the dilema is trivial. Anthony our local soldier hero who lost his legs in Afganistan two years ago (remember I posted on it) was in the news this week. He has just walked for the first time, since being blown up, on little 'stubbies'. This is the first stage before eventually being fitted for new artificial legs. He described the feeling of being upright on his own for the first time, as 'Awsome'.
Now that's, what an achievement is.