Just finished!

Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Just finished! - 18/08/14 02:04 PM

Hi, it's been a long time since I have been on the Forum...poor health and change of jobs are my only excuses really. I hope you are all well and have enjoyed some brilliant walking. Well, I have just completed the Dyke. I did it in two parts because I wasn't sure how I would be after the hammering my body has taken, nor how my new dog would fair walking every day, day after day. But it has been amazing. Sooooo relaxing, varied, and so very well waymarked. The weather has been so kind and I have hardly had any rain. Harlie, my dog, absolutely loved leaping the stiles, and most B&Bs were great. I would highly recommend this walk to anyone. Next year...what do you suggest? I have done the usual ones but the Cleveland Way is beginning to appeal to me. Not sure which would be the best time of the year though. Any ideas?
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Just finished! - 20/08/14 08:07 PM

Well done Janice and very pleased to hear your health has improved.
It's on my 'do again' list. Is there still many high stiles or have they replaced them with gates? There was not much waymarking when I did it, so I take it that must have improved too.
Are you still with Coniston MRT.
Posted by: Harland

Re: Just finished! - 21/08/14 01:50 PM

The number of stiles have been significantly reduced, from memory there were hardly any for the first few days out of Chepstow. From someone who has difficulty getting over them it wasn't as bad as I was expecting - that sounded a bit negative but it wasn't meant. The waymarking wasn't too bad either but you would need some form of handbook/map to help you along the way and to to make sure you get out of Prestatyn at the end!
Posted by: Janice & Rottie

Re: Just finished! - 21/08/14 03:33 PM

Hi Dave, As Harland says there are not as many stiles as I think there used to be, but certainly more in the second half ie.towards Prestatyn, than in the first half. Harlie just loved leaping over them. There are gates even at the side of some of them. The way marking was excellent, better than any other LDP's I have done, but I would never rely on these alone. I think my only moan was that there were not enough Tea Rooms/ Cafes from say from the Welshpool area. I saw one which was closed, although the church offered hot drinks and biscuits which was a nice thought. You just paid what you thought was acceptable.

Yes, I am still with the CMRT. I write the incidents up on the website too, but I have to stick to a certain written protocol which makes them sound so robotic. I used to include a bit of humour but that's not allowed now! I wonder what sort of Bank Holiday weekend we will have.

I'm going to send a Post for the best Cleveland Way Guide people recommend now.