General advice.

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General advice. - 06/01/04 09:26 PM

I intend to attempt the walk from North to South in May/June this year. My wife and I are taking two weeks leave so I hope to complete the walk in 14 days.I shall be walking alone and my wife will be ahead in the car with luggage, and booking into the B&B etc.
I would welcome any comments/advice on the route, terrain, accommodation, equipment ect. as this will be the first time that I have attempted a long distance walk.
I celebrate my 60th birthday in May, and plan to have a bit of a party in Chepstow
when I complete the walk.
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Re: General advice. - 07/01/04 03:11 AM

Bravo Roger!! I celebrated my 60th last year by doing a solo coast to coast-sans spouse. You are fortunate to have your very own sherpa service! It was also my first long distance walk. The best(and most insane) givers of advice are on the coast to coast site-many of them have done OD and will be glad to tell of their adventures. General advice on long distance walking can be found on the various threads if you follow them through. (there's also a bit of fun and silliness there as well and there is one Novice Walker who is writing a book on the pubs of the many long distance walks) I hope to tackle the OD walk myself and would appreciate your comments and recommends when you are done!! Safe and happy walking to you! C
Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: General advice. - 12/12/04 06:53 PM

Roger, did you do the ODP last June? My husband and I did the C2C and are now looking for another good long distance walk. Did you like it? Can you tell me your experience? I'd appreciate any info as we're just in the planning stages.

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Re: General advice. - 01/01/05 06:44 PM

My wife and I did the ODP a couple of years ago and without trying to put you off it was a bit rubbish. We have done many LDPs (C2C, PW, ODP, West Highland Way, St Cuthberts Way, North amd South Downs Way, Cleveland Way).

ODP was the most boring, a lot of farm land, fields and stiles (72 stiles from Monmouth to Pandy, 17 miles). Very little open hill walking.

Plenty of B&B's but a bit short of campsites, villages generally have village stores that are open and pubs that aren't open in the afternoon when you get there. Pubs are mediocre compared to C2C. Did half of C2C two weeks after ODP with my Dad but had to go back to work, much better.

Would recommend Cleveland Way or WHW over ODP..sorry..

It is not awful, far from from it but I think there are better trails around.

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Re: General advice. - 03/01/05 08:46 PM

Thanks FootSore. Now I'm confused but will continue to research and see if this is right for us. We did the C2C in September and others have said we've already done the best walk. So, where is the 2nd best walk?
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Re: General advice. - 19/01/05 10:07 AM

i've done Offa's Dyke and was not impressed. It took longer than anticipated because of all the styles! very heavy going on Black mountains because of errosion. Some nice bits though..stayed at Clun YHA and had a beautiful meal in the pub in village. And blagged a night in pent house suite in Clwyd Gate Hotel..fantastic.
Also done Cumbria Way and West Highland Way..joined them up with cycling..Glasgow to Carlisle and Ulverston to Prestatyn. Then last year did Bristol to Lands End and this year cycling Fort William to John o Groats.
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Re: General advice. - 20/01/05 04:53 PM

I think we're going to do something in the Alps this year, then maybe come back and do a walk in the UK the year after. Offa's Dyke sounds a bit dull compared to the C2C. Thanks for your comments.
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Re: General advice. - 29/03/05 04:01 PM

The Offa's Dyke is a fantastic walk, I did it in 2003. I walked from Prestatyn and headed south. I live near the end of the walk so it made sense to walk home! The scenary is so varied passing through hills, woods, rivers, canals and many pretty villages. I walked the first 10 days on my own then invited friends and family to join me on the remaining 5 days. The best thing that I did was to take the first 3 days at a nice slow pace, only walking between 7 and 10 miles a day.I can thoroughly recommend Mellington Hall Hotel as a good place to stay near Churchstoke. It's a stones throw from the path. The staff are very welcoming and the hall is stunning. In fact I fell in love with it so much that I returned last month and got married there! Have a great walk!