Walking in April

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Walking in April - 19/02/04 08:00 PM

Has anyone on this forum walked Offa's Dyke during April. What can we expect the weather to be like? Most people seem to think that wild-camping is a suitable option. What would you reccommend? What about keeping ourselves hydrated? are there regular water taps and/oor plenty of shops on route?

Any other suggestions you could give to first time walkers of Offa's Dyke would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!!
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Re: Walking in April - 04/03/04 10:12 PM

plenty of places for water en-route.
wild camping is fine, you'll need a good lightweight tent (VangoEquinox)or similar, dehydrated/re-constituted meals, mini camping gaz, strong waterproofs and walk from north to south as its easier down hill!
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Re: Walking in April - 09/03/04 05:57 PM

Wonderful to see fellow April-hikers, as we are also currently planning our first Offa's Dyke trek! (South to North)

Our understanding is that the temperature averages mid 40s fahrenheit with approx 1.5 inches of rainfall (which surprisingly is less than other months -- though we're not counting on it).

We haven't determined how easily one can obtain fuel for a camping stove (and what types of gas are most available). If you have any further information, or would just like to chat further about hiking this april -- please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Perhaps we'll see you on the trail...
Sansea & Michael
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Re: Walking in April - 09/03/04 07:46 PM

Sansea and Michael,

Have tried e-mailing on this address ([email protected]) a couple of times but keep getting it returned. Do you have another?

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Re: Walking in April - 10/03/04 12:57 PM


thanks for trying to get in touch. not sure why that address is being tempermental -- so, try this one: [email protected]

will look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: Walking in April - 27/04/04 10:00 AM

I always thought that South to North was better because you have the sun at your back instead of in your eyes; I think the prevailing wind tends to be at your back too.