help 3 girls walking in august!

Posted by: Anonymous

help 3 girls walking in august! - 17/04/04 02:58 PM

me and three friends want to walk offa's dyke for the first time in august1 we are doing it for charity and will be camping out most nights. Do you think we are going to be able to complete ths walk as we are only fifteen and havnt done any walking before! we are willing to train and would welcome any advice form previous walkers!!!!
thank you!
christie xxx
Posted by: Michael

Re: help 3 girls walking in august! - 27/04/04 09:58 AM

Yes, you'll be fine. I'd recommend trying out walking with full rucksacks first to get used to them.

Also, if you're buying new rucksacks, make sure that you get someone in the shop to adjust them so they fit you comfortably. If that's not possible, as a rule of thumb, if you're carrying heavy packs, you want as much weight as possible on your hips and as little on your shoulders as possible. Use the chest straps to try to spread the weight around a bit more.

Also, carry plenty of Compeed 'second skin' hydrocolluloid plasters in case of blisters - they are expensive but absolutely brilliant - you can walk on a blister if you have one on. The important thing with blisters, though, is to catch them early - stop and put a plaster on if it starts to rub before it gets worse!

Hope that helps.

Posted by: tony k

Re: help 3 girls walking in august! - 03/06/04 05:58 PM

Sound advice from Michael.I would add that its best to do some running and some work on upper body strength in the weeks leading up to the walk.Running will knock you into shape quicker than anything else.

I met a couple of sixteen year old lads on the coast to coast and one made it and the other gave up.Unless you are injured don't let the thought of quitting enter your head.It will be very uncomfortable at times but if you remain positive you will make it.
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Re: help 3 girls walking in august! - 22/06/04 05:26 PM

pack lightly, know your campsites ahead of time, and above all....bring sunscreen. i followed none of these rules when i hiked the dyke last summer, and arrived each night tired, lost, and lobster red. not that i didnt love every second of it...but i certainly couldve been more comfortable.

i hope you all have a great time!