2 days on Offas Dyke Path

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2 days on Offas Dyke Path - 02/06/04 10:51 AM


Next weekend myself and a friend intend to walk some of the Offas Dyke Path.

It will be the first of hopefully many walks and we are looking for some advice.

Our basic plan is to arrive at a camp site on Friday evening, stay the night and start walking early on Saturday and finish before dark on Sunday. Camping out on Saturday night.

I think the best idea would be to leave the car at the "finish" of our route and catch a train to the "start" of the route.

The only problem is, we havent got a clue where to start or finish. We don't even know how far we will be able to walk in a day. We are both reasonably fit males in our mid 20's, so I estimate we could walk about 25-30 miles in a day, but I may be totally wrong.

Any advice on what part of the route we should do would be much aprecciated.

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Re: 2 days on Offas Dyke Path - 17/06/04 03:43 PM

Depends on the sort of sceanary you want to see. The lower section, monmouth, tintern - chepstow is spectacular. I am also going to walk a section this August, I am going to try walking from Chepstow up and just see where I get to. I don't want to put a final destination on myself. I want to enjoy and stop and detour if I feel like it and not get in a tizz about final destination. Chill