Offas Dyke versus C2C

Posted by: Pieter van Niekerk

Offas Dyke versus C2C - 04/06/04 04:04 PM

I am leaving Cape Town for the UK on 4 August and return 19 August. My intention is to do the C2C. On previous long distance hikes abroad I was 100% comfortable with my choices, but this time for some or other reason I cannot make up my mind. May be what is putting me off is that the C2C seems rather a “fashion” sort of thing to do (i.e. some people do just to say “I have done it”). Sorry, I cannot express myself very well in English, but I suppose that most of the readers’ Afrikaans are even worse than my English.

Anyway, please HELP. C2C or Offas Dyke?

Posted by: tony k

Re: Offas Dyke versus C2C - 04/06/04 10:08 PM


Offa's Dyke is one of the few long distance trails I haven't done and its perhaps due to my doubts about the route.I have walked odd bits of it but didn't really find it inspiring.Here again a lot of people say the Pennine Way is boring but I prefer it to the Coast to Coast due to it being more isolated.Its true that the coast to coast is popular and people do the walk to brag about it.But people like these are in the minority.Most do it because its a good walk and passes through such varied scenery.

There's a chance of walking Offa's Dyke and not meeting many walkers.On the coast to coast you will meet plenty of other walkers.

Have a look at this website.This guy has done both OD and C to C so it might be worth taking notice of his comments.He's also done the Cambrian Way which is perhaps the toughest walk in the country.
Posted by: Pieter van Niekerk

Re: Offas Dyke versus C2C - 06/06/04 09:16 AM

Thank you for your replay and advice. The recommended website is indeed a very good one.
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Re: Offas Dyke versus C2C - 14/06/04 01:18 AM

In response to your question about the C2C or the Offa's Dyke walks, I would like to offer some observations. I have done both. Last year my wife and I did the C2C and we just completed the Offa's Dyke 10 days ago.The C2C was a bit more busy than the Dyke path for we saw no one walking the path for the first seven days. (We walked it South to North) We did see more people on the Northern part of the walk. I believe the Dyke path was slightly more difficult than the C2C, but just a bit. I do however think the Dyke path provided more consistant scenery than the C2C. Please understand I am not trying to take away anything from the Lake District, the Dales, or the Moors in terms of beauty. I just enjoyed the constant amazement of the landscape. I am pleased we did both for they each hold special qualities. If I was told I could only ever walk one of the two, I would choose the Dyke path. I am just pleased I did not have to make that choice.