Walk Aug-Sept

Posted by: Anonymous

Walk Aug-Sept - 11/07/04 08:52 AM

My wife and I wish to walk Offa's Dyke south - north late Aug - early Sept. We have 12 days. Is this enough time to do all? Are maps & compass essential? Would accommodation be a problem? How is best to arrange from Australia?
Posted by: andrew

Re: Walk Aug-Sept - 03/08/04 06:35 AM


12 days sounds ok for the dyke - and no you do not need a compass really as its so well marked - however a map would be needed to see how far you are from wherever youll be staying etc and would help you pace your day. There is a very good national trail book (actually in two volumes) which you should get at most good bookshops - Ill send the ISBN if you need it. The guide gives lots of valuable and interesting information about the dyke too.

An excellent accomodation pamphlet is available from the offas dyke centre which should enable you to plan it from Oz - camping shouldnt be a problem at that time of year but its worth checking ahead and B and Bs would obviously need to be booked.

Its a beautiful walk and late summer is usually good weather - I hope you enjoy it!