Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Waypoints - 06/12/04 04:58 PM

My husband and I are thinking of doing Offas Dyke next September. Does anyone know if I can download GPS waypoints somewhere?
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Waypoints - 06/12/04 06:51 PM

If anyone can help these people should http://www.offasdyke.demon.co.uk/

It's the website of Offa's Dyke Association.

I hope you have better weather Than my wife and I had in 1991. We packed up half way after it had been raining on us every day for a week. The crunch was at a B/B where the lady (?) made us strip off in the garage because we were so wet.
Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: Waypoints - 06/12/04 08:19 PM

Thanks Tom. I've already checked this site, but I think I'll email them.

We also had a very wet experience doing the C2C last September. One day in thirteen was dry. All of the B & B's we stayed in were more than accommodating and put up with our wet and dirty clothes. Personally, I would not have been offended if they had asked us to take off our wet things outside, we were pretty bad.
Posted by: bb&gg

Re: Waypoints - 06/12/04 09:25 PM

Tom.... you keep repeating yourself when posting.
cheers ......BB.
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Waypoints - 06/12/04 10:28 PM

I know. It's what happens when you become a silly old fart [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/wink.gif[/img]
Posted by: canmal

Re: Waypoints - 08/12/04 06:59 PM

Taylor...I have searched and can't find any for the walk itself.I have found some for the Welsh hills and mountains from all 22 counties, but you would have to cherry pick ones that applied to Offa's Dyke.You would also need "GPSU" application..you can get it over the net (downloadable, I think, for about $40.00)... With the GPSU program, you can also develop downloadable WP's on the route, but, you need to scan in your OS map(s) and save them as .bmp files. It takes a bit of "grimbling" but is quite impressive. One other advantage is that you can then print out your map (with the route derived from your WP's marked on it)and make it a more convenient size.Hope this helps
Posted by: canmal

Re: Waypoints - 08/12/04 07:00 PM

GPSU is at www.gpsu.co.uk
Posted by: Taylor from Seattle

Re: Waypoints - 09/12/04 05:07 PM

Thanks Canmal, I'll check it out.