free camping along the path

Posted by: chacho

free camping along the path - 03/06/05 07:43 PM

Excusses for my English,

I doing ODP this summer with a friend and I would to now about if you think it is possible to camp in no-town just in the way. I think campings are cheap and B&B are Ok, but just incase if I am short or long in my distance predictions would be great just find a good place and camp.

In the Offas Dyke Assotation answered me to ask the owners. Ok, I have no problem but here come the true question. Is it possible? Is easy to find them and if so will they be pleased to have two Spanish strangers sleeping in their possesions?

I know it is difficut to answer these questions but I any one have any experience or piece of advise would be well come.
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Re: free camping along the path - 13/06/05 08:09 PM

I dont think you will have any trouble finding camping places. If wild camping, pitch your tent later in the day out of sight of any buildings and break camp early morning. Pubs and farms are best places to ask for places to camp. Use pubs en route for toilet facilities, along with a drink of course. There are also a few official camp sites. Dont light fires (Ilegal)use a gas stove.

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Re: free camping along the path - 16/06/05 07:10 PM

Thanks a lot Slogger, that's useful information and a good piece of advise.
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Re: free camping along the path - 10/08/05 01:54 PM

I last walked Offa's Dyke in March 2003 and only used 2 B&B's over the 10 days I walked. There are some great places to wild camp and so long as you clear up after yourself properly no-one should ever know or mind.

Have a good time it's a fantastic path that is massively under-rated, I'm walking it again in 2006 by the way, in January!!
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Re: free camping along the path - 12/08/05 10:52 AM

I have just arrive from walking the complete path with a friend.It was Great!!!

I only did wild camping once, but I think there are no many problems to wild camp more days as some english friends walking in the same direction did. The thing is as Seyerus said "no-one should ever know or mind". Anyway I would always look for a bit hiden place in order to avoid problems and disturbing any one, and of course no fires and no litter.

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Re: free camping along the path - 20/09/05 07:36 PM

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Re: free camping along the path - 21/09/05 11:12 AM

Way to go Chacho.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. The question is....Which LDP is next??

Posted by: chacho

Re: free camping along the path - 08/10/05 06:15 PM

Walking in a different country was a great experience.
Wales it is so different from Spain, and just because the language the adventure is double.
I will keep doing one day or weekend walks here in Spain, there a lot of things to see. Recently I walked "La ruta del Cares" in the Picos the Europa, it was easy but astonishing. Last week I take part in a popular march call "Hoyos de Iregua" unfortunately there was to much fog to complish all the way and the way was reduced.
I would like to go this summer to Germany to the black forest, but I am getting interested in the C2C, and my English is quite better than my German.

Which LDP would you recomend me?
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Re: free camping along the path - 12/10/05 03:11 PM


Well you've just completed my favourite in the ODP, if I was going to recommend another then I would say the C2C, you mentioned it already and generally it is considered one of the best in the UK. There are a lot of places to wild camp up until Shap (when you leave the Lakes basically - pushing on past Patterdale on day 3 and camping at Angle Tarn is a personal favourite) but after that you're stuck with camp sites or B&B's unfortunately. September is an ideal time, settled change of season weather and fewer people means you can often make last minute plan changes and get in B&B's at short notice if required.

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Posted by: Ray Thorley

Re: free camping along the path - 17/12/05 04:35 PM

I think we passed you on route. We were walking N to S. Were you carrying a large umbrella?
Glad you made it. This year we are planning the Dales Way or half of the Pennine way.
All the best
Posted by: chacho

Re: free camping along the path - 17/12/05 06:52 PM

Hi Ray,

yes those were us. My and my friend, the two Spanish with umbrelas walkin S to N. We expected much more rain but the weather was in general quite good, any way they were useful and funny to play with.

Were did we meet? Perhaps I remember you.

This year I would like to come back to UK, visit some friends and walk, but I am afraid it will be a short path, 5 or 6 days as much.
I thinking about the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast path, but I don´t know much about it, only I have seen it in the national trails web page.
It´s the first time I heard about the Dales Way, it seen to be good for walking in few days as I have seen now in a web page. Is it good?
Posted by: Ray Thorley

Re: free camping along the path - 18/12/05 10:30 AM

Can't remember the spot where we crossed but you were going uphil and we down. I think that it was in a wooded area. Yes we were lucky with the weather as we expected a lot of rain. It rained on our last day which was a pity as it was a miserable end to a good walk.
Don't know too much about the Dales walk but believe that it is somewhat easier than the Offas Dyke.
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Re: free camping along the path - 18/12/05 10:25 PM

Hola Chacho!
Que tal me companiero?
Lo siento para me mal Espaniol.
Tienes que hacer el C2C. Es el primero andar en Inglaterra. Tengo completar el andar en ano dos mil dos y recommendarlo. Me y tres amigos empesar C2C en Mayo el ano que viene, y me ghustaria ver tu tambien en el andar si es posible.
Puedo aprender un poco mas Espaniol tambien!
Posted by: chacho

Re: free camping along the path - 27/12/05 07:48 PM

Que tal, Countryfile,

¡Que sorpresa, un mensaje en Español!
Tu español esta vastante bien y agradezco tu esfuerzo en utilizarlo. Permiteme que te conteste en Ingles porque es la unica manera de no olvidarlo para mi.

I am getting more interested in walking the C2C, everybody talk very well about it.

I think it is a great opportunity and it would be a great experience to walk with you and your friends. I wouldn´t exitate if it were in July or August, because is difficult to find parthers for so a long walk and I willing to walk it, but I am afraid May is not a good month for me because my work.
I am so sorry.

Anyway thanks for your interest, and let me know about your walking.