Offa's Dyke

Posted by: scorpioken

Offa's Dyke - 12/07/05 08:00 AM

Just for info,a team of runners from the Beckenham Running Club completed the path as a relay on foot in a time of 36 hours 30 mins over the rather hot weekend of 9th/10th July-any more info and several amusing anecdotes..please feel free to contact Ken
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Re: Offa's Dyke - 12/07/05 06:28 PM

Would love to hear some of the anecdotes, Ken. Did the club set up a website? If not, maybe you could post some of the individual stories here.

Reading about this (and other nonstop events) makes me wonder about the portions of the path completed during darkness. I assume the runners carry torches?

Even so, it must be quite difficult to run on a path at night. The torch-carrying itself must be a bit cumbersome. And, the limited range of a torch doesn't often highlight obstacles or hazards very far in advance, so I'd think the going might be somewhat slow. Just curious how the team dealt with the darkness.
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Re: Offa's Dyke - 13/07/05 12:07 AM

Great effort, and congratulations to all involved.
With reference to running in the dark, I imagine they would have dealt with it just as runners attempting the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District do, and adjust the start time so that when darkness falls they are on easier runnable ground.