Photos along the ODP

Posted by: johnmccall

Photos along the ODP - 04/01/06 01:25 AM

My wife and I hiked ODP last May. We have put our pix on a web log "" and invite anyone who is interested to enjoy them and our comments - pro and con!
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Re: Photos along the ODP - 17/01/06 03:27 PM


It may be me and my inadequate IT skills but I haven't been able to access your photos?!

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Re: Photos along the ODP - 03/03/06 07:22 PM

Nice pictures guys. I'm planning to walk a similar stretch (Pandy to Brompton Bridge) around mid-June, so it was really nice to see how beautiful the countryside looks at that time of the year.

We'll be camping which means carrying everything as we go, but I'm looking forward to a bit of a challenge!
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Re: Photos along the ODP - 03/03/06 07:24 PM


Maybe you included the quotation marks when you copied and pasted the link to the pics. Try leaving them out and you should find the site ok.


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Re: Photos along the ODP - 11/04/06 04:06 PM

I have walked a couple of sections of the ODP and I did find it a bit grim (but that could be down to the weather), these photos give me renewed hope that its not as bad as I first thought - I have now added it back to my list of walks to complete.

I have taken the liberty of adding this link to my links page.

Hope thats okay