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Posted by: Alpacca

walking hiking books - 13/08/08 12:21 PM

Hi Everyone.
I am new to this and am lacking in knowledge and direction (though thankfully not a sense of). I was advised that doing the penine way would be a good introduction to walk/hiking but i have no idea how long it is . Can anyone advise me on a good book or books with up to date or long lasting good advice on varying levels of walks, maps, accomadation, prep/kit lists.
Maybe the penine is a bit much and a challenging three day walk would be better seeing as i am likely to be doing this alone and the Mrs might not be that cool with me using six days anual leave without her.

maybe you could think back to how you started and using your experience now think of the best intro to this sport/past time. I am quite fit but living in central London time is allways an issue and everything is in short distance. So I have never walked more than five miles but I want a challenge or at least some very nice scenery..

Any advice would be much appreciated
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Re: walking hiking books - 13/08/08 12:56 PM

hi Alpacca,
i do think you are in for a shock if you are thinking of walking the pennine way in 6 days, the walk is 250 miles and more if you happen to get off course,
we took 14 day's, i would advise you to get some short distance walks in first and build up your experience,Living in central London i would advise you to travel up to the Peak District and walk a few 15 to 20 miles. or have a weeks walking in the Lake District, you would get good advice about gear from a good outdoor shop,
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Re: walking hiking books - 13/08/08 03:12 PM

Alpacca, If the Misses starts moaning about you taking six days annual leave without her just remind her that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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for some one else
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To be blunt, if you have only ever walked a maximum of 5 miles, you would struggle even on the easy long distance of the 'Dales Way'. This is from Ilkley (Yorkshire) to Bowness (Cumbria) and is normaly done in 6 days. It is 84 miles in total. Nearer to you, to get some good practise for a year or so, before contemplating the Pennine Way is the 'North and South Downs Ways'. Guide books are avail;able from good bookshops.
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Re: walking hiking books - 14/08/08 11:18 AM

Thanks for all you comments anyone else please add on and i'll look at the lot and make a decision .I only got six days for the penine from reading this site sorry don't know my ass from my elbow yet when it comes to this. I walked / scrambled up machu piccu and the higher peak of wyna piccu in peru and realy enjoyed it and i have allways been desperate to better know my country.

Thanks Dave I'll check out the downs and also you ern I had been wanting to do the lakes or peak this year with the wife anyway it's just a shame it costs money just to get to walk. Im desperate to get going.

Before anyone says it I know it's free to walk but where I live it's just traffic and halal chicken shops there are some parks but nothing fulfilling..

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Re: walking hiking books - 14/08/08 12:21 PM

Hi Leigh,
i think you are a dark horse, you have been in very high places,
was you on the Inca trail when you scrambled up those mountains.
when i read about people walking abroad, i get onto google and have a gander and after reading your last post i have seen some smashing photo's taken up there also an account about a couple who walked the trail. well done ( i envy you, i may have done a fair ammount of walking in this country, but never anything like that)