Offa in July

Posted by: Scott H

Offa in July - 14/05/10 06:49 PM

I'm all set for early July. From Chepstow to Prestatyn in 12 days (no worries LL, soon as I land in Prestatyn will be taking train the Chester).
Question, does Wales have those nasty little flies that wreaked havoc on my Scotland evenings two years ago?
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Offa in July - 15/05/10 07:22 PM

No, nothing is as bad as those Scottish little blighters. We did the OD several years ago, wore shorts all the way (B&B) never noticed any midges.
Posted by: Scott H

Re: Offa in July - 20/05/10 03:23 PM

Was that in July Dave?
Posted by: RobR

Re: Offa in July - 29/06/10 08:15 PM

Not too many midges in July, but plenty of horse flies to make your life a misery. I would recommend taking insect repellant.