ODP - July 2010

Posted by: craigjj

ODP - July 2010 - 20/05/10 04:33 PM

Hi, I am contemplating doing the ODP at the end of july this year but would like to take my 10 month old black lab with me. Can anyone tell me whether the trail is dog friendly and whether the campsites on route welcome dogs?
Many thanks.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: ODP - July 2010 - 26/05/10 11:35 AM

When we did it a few years ago, we ended up walking most of the way with a guy and his dog we met on our second day.
He had not pre booked any accommodation, but managed to find somewhere that accepted dogs every night. That was until reaching journeys end at Prestatyn, where he failed to find any dog friendly B&B's and had to catch the train home that same day.
Posted by: craigjj

Re: ODP - July 2010 - 26/05/10 06:50 PM

Ok Dave, thanks for the info, i'll be camping anyway so as long as i know the trail is dog friendly i can plan my camp stops ahead of time. Thanks again.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: ODP - July 2010 - 26/05/10 08:24 PM

We didnt come across any part of the route that forbid dogs. I have no knowledge about campsites. I'm afraid the guy who walked with us did let his dog off the lead most of the time and being a Border Collie couldn't help it's natural instincts. Good job farmers didn't notice what was going on.
Posted by: RobR

Re: ODP - July 2010 - 29/06/10 08:10 PM

One word of warning (if its not too late), there are a lot of fields containing cattle en route. I met a guy who had walked OD the previous year with his dog and got badly injured after being trampled by a herd of cows. Cattle, especially with calfs can be very aggressive towards dogs and their owners.