Just completed!

Posted by: Desmond

Just completed! - 03/07/12 01:45 PM

Hello all
My wife and I finished the walk on Friday 6th June, after six days walking. Had a fantastic time, weather very good appart from couple of days rain. That said one of these days was Thursday 28th June. Torrential rain and floods. It all got a bit grim at Holme Park Farm. Paths now rivers, filled our boots about this time - no option but to wade through water in several places. Tarmac bridge collapsed had to shuffle over torrent below using remaining bits of wood. Wet! wet! wet!
Definately one we we do again.
For info. The Buck Inn is under new management and is being upgraded - starting to serve food now, and is offering B & B shortly. Landlord seems like a very affable chap.
Posted by: Stottie

Re: Just completed! - 05/07/12 11:42 PM

Glad the Buck is "bucking its ideas up".
Well done for battling through torrent and tempest!