Walking Distance

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Walking Distance - 22/02/04 11:48 PM

How many miles would an average fit 50 year old walk in a day? I am thinking 12 to 16 but am planning 19 miles one day.
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Re: Walking Distance - 23/02/04 09:38 AM

How long is a walking day? How fit? What pace do you maintain? If you are thinking 12 - 16, what's another 3m? Being unsure - you need to get out and do it! Get in some local walks - use same gear you plan to take - boots, sock combination, same pack with same weight etc. You'll be fine!
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Re: Walking Distance - 26/04/04 08:45 PM

It's not so much distance that matters, as the terrain. The 13 mile stretch from Buckden to Ribblehead was much tougher than the 19 miles from Dent to Garth Row. Or maybe we were just getting the hang of it...
Posted by: latic

Re: Walking Distance - 26/04/04 08:56 PM

As a seriously overweight walker of a similar age let me assure you that provided you get some preparatory walking a 'fit' 50 year old will have no problems with a 19 mile day.Just allow yourself an early start and don't rush.
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Re: Walking Distance - 28/04/04 03:37 PM

I first walked the Dalesway (in both directions) in 1991 at the age of 62 and greatly enjoyed the experience. I am intending walking it again at fit the age of 75. There is no need to walk the high teens of miles in a day. I would suggest around 12 as being sufficient if you intend making a holiday of the event. For people who walk for stamina it could be walked in 4 or 5 days but what's the point ? Take your time and enjoy the glorious countryside.