Day walks after Dales

Posted by: Gregg

Day walks after Dales - 09/04/05 05:21 PM

I'll be finishing the Dales Way in late April and staying in Ambleside for several days before returning south.

Does anyone have favorite day walks in that area? I'm looking at the Fairfield Horseshoe and the Old Man of Coniston walks, but perhaps there are others.

By the way, I found a way to take the Carlisle-Settle RR back to Leeds. You take the bus to Sedbergh, stay overnight, then bus to Garsdale (does not run every day) in the morning to catch the train. The internet reveals all!
Posted by: AnthonyRHeath

Re: Day walks after Dales - 10/04/05 10:53 AM

There are loads of outdoor shops, bookshops, newsagents etc. in Ambleside all selling books and pamphlets on walks in the area. You can pick these up for not much more than a few pence for a single A4 size sheet with maybe one or two walks on, for a couple of pounds you will get a pamphlet with maybe 10 or so walks described,or go the whole hog and spend more for a hardback book with dozens of walks in. Be carefull though, many of these publications seem to cater for walkers who like a walk to be only 2 to 4 miles in length. I'm sure with a bit of browsing in Ambleside you will pick up something suitable. Good luck with the Dales way.
Posted by: Tom de Sherwood

Re: Day walks after Dales - 10/04/05 04:37 PM

If you have a clear day the Fairfield Horseshoe is a great walk. The views when you reach Fairfield over Grisedale, St Sundays Grag and Helvellen are well worth the effort. In fact the views all round the walk are wonderful.
Posted by: Gregg

Re: Day walks after Dales - 10/04/05 08:49 PM

Hi AR - Thanks for the browsing info. I'm trying for the longer walks, seems I'll have plenty of material to pore over.

Tom - It's good to have a personal recommendation. I do hope the weather is clear - I missed the views last Oct from Grisdale Pass because everything was socked in, but I hope to have better luck on the Horseshoe. One week before flying over and starting the Dales way walk!
Posted by: kevanliz

Re: Day walks after Dales - 11/04/05 03:15 PM

Gregg a site worth looking at which has plenty of route descriptions and images

If you get down to Glenridding there is a fantastic coffeee house/tea-shop cafe very walker friendly muddy boots wet gear etc close to the information centre called Greystones