Dales Way in 4

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Dales Way in 4 - 21/04/05 10:54 AM

Please save any rants about how I should take longer to do it to yourself. At the start of this year I weighed 19 stone 4 lbs. I currently weigh 16 stone 9 lbs. I will not be running - fact. I will depart on 14th May.

I do however walk about 3.5-4 mph and I am quite comfortable with my ability to cover 20+ miles per day. I expect to be on the move by 7am and will walk to last light. Potentially 15 hours per day so will have lots of time to stop and stare etc. Also I will endeavour to go into every ale serving establishment on or near the route. Recommendations please.

Does anyone have any suggested route schedules and campsites (domestic or wild) that would fit this schedule. I will start trawling the old posts.

Day 1 - Grassington (16) or Kettlewell (22) or somewhere in between.

Day 2 - Cam Houses or Dent Head

Day 3 - Sedburgh

Day 4 - Bowness

And if you want to know the real reason behind the 4 day schedule - it will allow me to join my old man on the Cumbrian Way for 5 days!

All comments appreciated.


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Re: Dales Way in 4 - 21/04/05 04:56 PM

quite a long last day Sedbergh to Bowness for day 3 try the Station Inn at Ribblehead, slightly off track a mile down the road but you should be able to camp nearby and it will be another pub to add to the list.
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Re: Dales Way in 4 - 22/04/05 03:34 PM

Yes last day probably will be quite long but the next day will be max of 14.5 from Ulverston to Conniston - and shorter if my Dad can find an easier route or somewhere earlier to stop.

Anything after 7 miles that provides a good stop is fair game for him. So I can probably stretch it a little on the last day.

I will however be camping so I will play by ear a little and I am currently getting as much info from the old threads on where to camp as possible.

Guide books turned up today - good old Amazon. Planning now starts in earnest:

The Dales Way - Anthony Burton - Recreational Path Guide

Dales Way - Harvey Strip Map

The Cumbria Way - Anthony Burton - Recreational Path Guide

O/S Maps - come on my local library deliver once again.