Dales Way Novice

Posted by: Grahams

Dales Way Novice - 11/05/05 03:11 PM

I am going to do the Dales way this September with my brother (is it ok in that month?). Neither of us have done any long distance walks. We would like do some nights camp and some in pubs (unless anyone persuades us to pub it all the way!). Can someone suggest an itinerary? Also any tips on equipment, books, maps, etc would be a real help.
Posted by: tonyk

Re: Dales Way Novice - 11/05/05 10:46 PM

September is fine but it does get dark rather early towards the end of the month.

Best to read through the previous posts as they contain all the info you need.

You should be able to do the walk in around six days even if you are unfit.
Posted by: Grahams

Re: Dales Way Novice - 12/05/05 10:01 AM

Thanks Tonyk
We are going 17th September so should be ok for light during day.
We are hoping to get reasonably fit before we go. One thing we need to do is buy good boots and wear them in first I am told.
Posted by: tonyk

Re: Dales Way Novice - 12/05/05 08:37 PM

The Dales Way is very gentle and follows river side paths and lightweight boots or trial shoes are quite adequate.Last time I did the walk I wore a pair of trail shoes that I had previously walked 10 miles in.My feet were okay and I didin't have one blister.If you buy trail shoes or lighweight boots go for something a little more expensive as I have found the cheap ones are utter rubbish and will cause real probelms.Berghaus do some good lightweight footwear.