Changes to Dales Way Route??

Posted by: Merv

Changes to Dales Way Route?? - 03/07/05 03:11 PM

Can anyone assist? I'm walking the Dales Way, again, for the third time, but not for some 10 years. I've been told that there are some route changes and although I have boought a new map I cannot see any particular changes! I'm told that a footbridge crossing the river "somewhere" near Shaw End has been washed away and the route has been changed, please can anyone advise? Perhaps send me details of the grid references to the new route? Thank you.
Posted by: kevanliz

Re: Changes to Dales Way Route?? - 04/07/05 01:11 PM

finished Dales Way last week, there are about 5 diversions from the 'old' route all clearly marked except for the Grassington diversion around Town Head Farm ( the signpost at the street junction is not obvious)

check out
for all updates
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Changes to Dales Way Route?? - 04/07/05 11:11 PM

When I walked it for the fifth time last year the three main alterations I remember from the original route were:-
The section avoiding the road walk past Adingham.
The rerouting around the farm beyond Grassington.
The avoidance of the pedestian railway crossing near Grayrig.
All well signed and easy to follow.