Any last minute advice???

Posted by: Terrier200

Any last minute advice??? - 15/09/05 07:56 PM

Hi - We're setting out on the Dales Way this Saturday. We've got maps & route books, have sorted our B&Bs and have our rucksacks at the ready... but does anyone have any last minute advice for two first timers?
Posted by: bb&gg

Re: Any last minute advice??? - 15/09/05 10:07 PM

Hi Terrier, if you could post your itenary, and what you thought about your B&Bs when you are done. Billyboy, and i would appreciate the info.
Thanks.... GG.
Posted by: Kate's Dad

Re: Any last minute advice??? - 16/09/05 07:44 AM

No matter how far you walk, the last 3 miles will always hurt.
Drink lots of water as you go along.
It is not just the adventure of walking the Way but also your holiday so enjoy every minute of it.
Have a pint of Hartleys XB in the Hole Inth' Wall in Bowness when you finish!
Good Luck and enjoy!!
Posted by: kevanliz

Re: Any last minute advice??? - 16/09/05 12:52 PM

any advice?

Just enjoy yourselves, savour and take each mile as they come.

Don't forget to chat to the cows as you pass by
Posted by: tonyk

Re: Any last minute advice??? - 16/09/05 02:31 PM

Make sure you sit on the stone seat above Bowness.Its got a great view over the water and its an ideal place for quiet reflection before walking down into Bowness which is quite pleasant but often very crowded.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Any last minute advice??? - 16/09/05 06:10 PM

Last minute advice from someone who has walked the route four times. Be prepared to experience something you will never forget, you WILL become a long distance path junkie. Dont let anything pass by unnoticed. Be observant, you walk alongside of five beautiful rivers, look for the fish, the Dippers and Kingfishers as they dart across almost skimming the surface. Feel the freedom, breathe the fresh air, it is a beautiful, beautiful route.
Oh, I wish I was going!