Winter Campsites ??

Posted by: Davebkk

Winter Campsites ?? - 25/10/05 05:53 PM

Planning to do the Dales Way around mid November. Anyone have details of campsites that are open then and what are the possibilties for wildcamping along the way. Thanks for any help.
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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 25/10/05 08:19 PM

Not too sure on this one.I know for certain that Howgill is closed at the end of this month.Some of the campsites in Dentdale might be open and I am sure the farmer at Burnside Hall would allow you to camp.Other than that its a bit of a problem.Wild camping on the Dales Way is difficult due to it being a valley route.
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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 26/10/05 10:45 AM

I'm uncertain whether the campsite at Appletreewick will be open, but Kevin at the White Lion at Cray will have his back garden (and shower room) open all year, if you get stuck at the top of Wharfedale. Cray is not far off route. White Lion is fab!

The bungalow opposite the Sportsman pub in Cowgill has a camping field - knock and ask, You also might be lucky and "blag" you way onto the almost derelict campsite at Lincolns Inn Bridge, if you look desperate!

Concur with Tonyk on Burneside Farm. Seem thats the whole route covered, if Appletreewick is open. - If not, I have seen folk illegally camping on the field/parking area just before Bardon Bridge. - Might get away with it as it will be dark 14h of 24 by then!

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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 26/10/08 12:54 AM

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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 26/10/08 12:12 PM

You seem to have plenty of time, you retired then?
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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 26/10/08 03:18 PM

all the best for your treck
many years ago, 1979 to be precise, we camped wild in Grasswoods,just outside Grassington, Then the next night at Beckermonds( still Wild camping), next night we went all posh and camped at a campsite at Dent,and the last night at Burneside it was not a campsite we just asked permission from the farmer at the Hall and camped in a field.
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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 26/10/08 08:21 PM

I walked the Dales Way earlier in the year, camping at most places. I camped at the campsite in Appletreewick - which was fine - but this might not be open in Winter. I remember some patches of grass by the river which might have worked for wildcamping, but not sure how this would go down in those parts. The second night I camped in a field above Redmires Farm. I asked the farmer if I could camp there and they were fine about it. It was possibly the best place I camped - perched on the side of the valley, great view over to Buckden, and a gorgeous stream running by where I camped which meant I got a good wash. I'd be surprised if the farmer didn't let you camp there - they seemed pretty friendly. Third night I camped in a farmer's field at Cowgill opposite the Sportsman's Inn - think this was meant to be an official campsite, but it was just a field - and again - I'd be surprised if the farmer wouldn't be happy for you to camp there (although you'd probably have to pay for this one). I have to confess that - following a day of deluge - I opted for a B&B in Sedbergh - so can't help you much there. I remember a few miles further on the next day walking along the Lune and thinking that there were some great places there to camp by the river - although no pubs nearby if that's something you'd want. My last night I camped at Burneside Hall Farm - which was OK but perhaps not my favourite overnight stop. But I'm sure that this one would be available in Winter. Hope this is useful.
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Re: Winter Campsites ?? - 27/10/08 12:11 PM

dave no not retierd only 42 but lost my parents last year and inherited a sbstancal amount of money been in egypt investing in property this last 3 months but because of weak pound and poor exchange rates it now on hold, so i was thinking i would do what i like doing for a while. Live in Ilkley so doing dalesway from thurs fri this week but may join the pennine way when the 2 cross. Q