Walking The Dales Way in 2006?

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Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 25/04/06 03:26 PM

Journeyman had an excellent idea over on the C2C forum. If you'd like to read it, it can be found via this link: http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/Forum1/HTML/001723.html

...With reference to his thread, here's a similar thread for walkers of The Dales Way. Anyone walking this path in 2006, who might wish to meet up with others who are walking at the same time, please post here.

As for us, we will be walking in mid-September -- probably departing Ilkley on 12 Sept, but at the moment that's not an exact date. We will update our post later with a more accurate date.

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Posted by: argonaut

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 18/05/06 08:10 PM

No answers.!! Good That means it should be quiet when i walk it in Late July.
Posted by: Heatha

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 19/05/06 12:56 PM

It was quiet at the end of last July when I walked it!!
Posted by: Hula-Otter

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 22/05/06 08:44 PM

Having decided to try our hand at swapping the wilds of British Columbia for the wilds of Yorkshire we will be starting out from Ilkley on June 1st.

We plan a leisurely paced walk - arriving in Windermere June 7th (barring any wrong turns introducing us to the sights of Glasgow).

My wife and I are a couple of early 50's Canadians who are quite looking forward to marching through the unexplored regions of Upper Wharfdale (strange dialects, exotic drinks, bizarre rituals with sheep...true National Geographic stuff).

Assuming we emerge from Dale's other end (what an unfortunate description) we will then either pot about in Windermere or meander our way back to London.

If you spot two over-equipped walkers consulting an upside down OS map of Croyden while punctuating every sentence with an unnecessary "eh?" ... that'll be us. Be sure to say hello - and point us in the right direction.
Posted by: argonaut

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 24/05/06 09:43 AM

Hula-Otter, you can't possibly go wrong....enjoy.
PS....If you are still there when i do it in july i will put you on the right path. [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/biggrin.gif[/img]

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Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 24/05/06 09:47 AM

Hello Hula-Otter,

The Dales Way is a picturesque walk and not too demanding - enjoy your walk and let us know how you get on on this site. All the best with your walk.
Posted by: Hula-Otter

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 24/05/06 09:50 PM

Argonaut & Journeyman - Thank-you for your words of encouragement. My wife and I are quite looking forward to the Dales Way as a practical test of our map & compass skills and marital compatability. (To be honest, I have always found the latter more difficult and dangerous to navigate).

And so, with Yorkshire-Canadian translation book in hand, we boldly set off in search of the first pub. Cheers!
Posted by: Heatha

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 03/06/06 06:25 PM

Well, I was on the Dales Way today and I never saw you! I spoke to every couple I met just to make sure. No Canuks! I guess you must have been walking away from me. Never mind! You should have posted your stopovers and I might have connected!
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 07/06/06 07:21 PM

I'm off on another Dales Way non stopper on Friday 9th June. I plan to start from Ilkley bridge at around 9am, that should get me going along Dentdale during the dark hours and hopefully arriving at Bowness, Saturday around 2pm. Thats the plan, however on these type of things, anything can happen, but here goes!
Posted by: Journeyman

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 07/06/06 07:40 PM

Good luck Dave - a tough challenge at the best of times but the heat will make it harder.
Posted by: AnthonyRHeath

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 08/06/06 10:23 AM

Hi Dave, is there a full moon that night to help with the night vision? or do you know the route well enough to navigate in total darkness confidently, good luck.
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 08/06/06 03:00 PM

Thanks for the wishes.
Anthony, I do know the route well having done it non stop, on three occasions before plus over 8 days with my wife along. I have failed once East to West and on the only occasion I have attempted it West to East due to lowsy weather. However this time I am going to try the variant cutting across over the top from Cam Houses, I am hoping to finish that section before it gets too dark, then Dentdale is straight forward enough, so long as my head hasnt gone by then. I'll let you know the outcome.
Posted by: Journeyman

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 08/06/06 03:16 PM

Hello Dave

I don't know whether you have been over on the variant from Cam Houses before - down the Ribble Way to the road at Newby Head - but I have done it. If you have ignore the following - if you have not you may find the following useful. The first half mile or so over the fields/limstone from the PW is pathless (apart from several sheep tracks) but once you reach a rather unusual stile - it is made of breeze blocks in the middle of stone wall - it is not too bad. The path from here is mainly used by farmers on quad bikes. The breeze block stile is at Gavel Gap which is the start of the Ribble Way - I must say the breeze blocks are a little out of place.
Once again all the best with your walk.

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Posted by: Slogger

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 11/06/06 11:25 AM

Thanks for that advice. I have done the Ribble way a few times so i know about Gavel Gap. Once I left the Pennine Way track on the variant I dropped too low for a while, realised my error and regained the higher ground where I quickly found the path and followed it to Gavel Gap. See my recent topic "Non Stop" for a more datailed report.
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Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 13/06/06 08:17 PM

Slogger, congrats on your non-stop. I enjoyed reading your account on the other thread.

Just curious if Hula-Otter had an enjoyable journey along the Dales Way. If you're reading this, Hula-Otter, please post an update, ok?

We're still planning our walk for September. Probably will depart Ilkley on the 13th.
Posted by: Hula-Otter

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 14/06/06 10:19 PM

Howdy Y'all (sorry, was mistaken for a Yank so many times whilst visiting that started to talk like one).

Happy to report that there is no need for either search & rescue or the Canadian embassy to be called out ... my wife and I successfully bumbled our way from Ilkley to Windermere without getting too lost or causing major international incident.

We had a truly magnificent time and saw what must be some of the most beautiful countryside to be found anywhere on this planet. I can only hope that the residents of the UK appreciate what a gift you have in the network of footpaths available and the remarkable access opportunities they provide.

For anyone interested, our sojourn along the Dales Way (June 1 - 7)included these highlights: invited by the church bell ringers at Ilkley into the tower to learn the intricacies of ringing; cheerfully driven by the owner of Knowles Lodge up to the pub at Appletreewick when our thirst said "yes" but our tired feet said "no"; trying to keep from choking from laughter while being simultaneously well fed and well entertained by John,the proprietor of the Buckden Village Tea Shop; listening patiently at breakfast whilst Tim at Romany Cottage in Buckden almost convinced us of the virtues of "black pudding" (only to fail miserably when he got around to mentioning the ingredients); walking through countless sheep pastures, each prettier than the last, with one eye one the scenery and the other negotiating around the "fertilizer"; trying to clean said "fertilizer" off our boots in a discrete fashion before entering the next B & B; trying to understand how we could have survived over 50 years without anyone tipping us off to the obscene energy surges obtainable with Kendal Mint Cakes; meeting friendly and fascinating people in the pubs and B&Bs en route - and actually understanding what some of them said; learning not to giggle like naughty school kids when passing by "Rottenbottom Woods" or "Cockschott Woods"; learning that while true spiritual enlightenment may require years of contemplative study, a reasonable facsimile can be readily found in a pint of most of the local brews we tried along the Way.

We enjoyed fantastic weather (silly North American types that we are we brought rain gear and fleece jackets instead of sunglasses and Aloha shirts) which undoubtedly added to the experience but I suspect that the Dales Way is beautiful in different ways in different conditions (okay, easy to say when you're not ankle deep in muck in a sideways rain).

In short, which is odd to say after rambling on so long, we had a truly memorable experience; used up two memory cards on the digital camera; ate and drank better (and more) than we expected to; and met a host of friendly, helpful and hospitable people from start to finish.
Posted by: argonaut

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 14/06/06 11:05 PM

Hula-otter,Glad you had an enjoyable experience and didnt get "too lost", so i have no need to search you out, and point you in the right direction, when i go in a fortnights time. [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/biggrin.gif[/img]

Was there any No-No's or little disappointments,that we need to know about.?? Or did everything go as well as you wanted it to.
Posted by: Hula-Otter

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 14/06/06 11:53 PM

Hi Argonaut - no real words of wisdom to pass on other than:

(1`)We went for the full-meal-deal in purchasing maps and guidebooks in preparation for this trip. But ended up using only Hannon's "Dales Way" Guidebook which, in combination with the Gemmel & Speakman "Dales Way Route Guide", had us easily negotiating our way on the well marked path. Out of a sense of obligation I made occasional reference to the Harvey's Dales Way Strip Map I brought along (more to impress my wife with my ostensible mountain-man skills than out of any real need). Never even took the three OS maps out of the pack and my wife just used my compass to check herself in its mirror. Small binoculars proved useful in locating hidden styles on the far side of fields. [Foul weather and/or poor visibility may make GPS desirable - but we managed easily without.]

(2) Initially we were put into a runty little back-of-the-Inn room at the Riverside Inn at Ilkley but after asking if there was something a wee bit larger available (i.e. that would let two of us turn around at the same time) we moved upstairs to a much nicer room that was more than satisfactory. Grease for the squeeky wheel being the lesson here.

(3) Sherpa Van's service was reliable and timely. Very happy with them. Would caution about the need to completely fill out the luggage cards that Sherpa asks you to attach to your bags (shows date and location of your stops). Saw some bags where other walkers did not fill out cards and relied on driver "knowing" where bags to be taken next. Presumably all Sherpa van drivers possess psychic skills beyond my understanding - but still.

(4) If sunny (isn't it always?) take sunscreen lotion along as it can be had to come by in smaller villages. Apply liberally as you are walking with the sun continuously coming from one side. We ended up with wierd looking left side only sunburns until we managed to scrounge up some sun lotion.
Posted by: Heatha

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 15/06/06 07:44 AM

Hi Hula-Otter,

Sorry I missed you on the third. I knew I should have gone to Buckden instead of Starbotton when I descended from Whernside at some ungodly hour of the morning. Then I could have waited for you outside Tim and Gwen's!
Posted by: Ray Thorley

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 24/06/06 11:35 PM

Intend to be walking the way on 25th July from Bradford. Anone else leaving then?
Posted by: bb&gg

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 04/07/06 04:36 PM

Thanks to everyone who passed on info for bb&gg.
everything booked and starting Sunday morning 9th july. from Ilkley.

Glebe Barn...................Burnsall.
Romany Cottage...............Buckden.
Station Inn..................Ribblehead.
Wheelwright Cottage..........Sedbergh.
Bridge House.................Kendal.
Bridge House.................kendal.

Had a bit of difficulty booking into Windermere (wanted 2 day w/end bookings only) So Mrs Brindley (Sheila, a lovely Lady), at Bridge House said i could park and leave my car at hers, so it will be there waiting for me at the finish.
So on the last morning we walk into Windermere to finish the walk, have some lunch and a look around, and then get a train back to Kendal, a journey which only takes half an hour.
Apparently, (so sheila tells me), the train stops right outside Bridge House, which was once the Station Masters House.

So thanks again to all who offered tips, ideas, and suggestions to help our cause.

Billyboy & Georgygirl

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Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 04/07/06 07:27 PM

How are you walking point to point everyday, and still having the use of a car, am I missing something here?
Posted by: Journeyman

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 04/07/06 08:16 PM

Good luck Billyboy and Georgygirl - I am sure you will enjoy your walk.
Posted by: bb&gg

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 04/07/06 11:03 PM

Yeah slogger, I am driving up from Cambridge area on Saturday, and picking up a third party member on route, straight to Kendal and park the car at Bridge house. Have arranged with Sherpa to taxi me back to Ilkley for Saturday night B&B.
Start walking on Sunday morning. I should have explained it a bit better i suppose.

Thanks again everybody.........Billyboy.

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Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 05/07/06 01:55 AM

Best wishes, and hope you have lots of fun, bb & gg!

I look forward to reading your post-walk account. Please include your thoughts about the accommodation, e.g., is the side-trip to Ribblehead and nightstop at the Station Inn worth it -- thanks!
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 05/07/06 01:47 PM

I didnt know you could use the Sherpa service in that way, thats good info for others planning their walk.
Posted by: bb&gg

Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 05/07/06 11:01 PM

Didnt know myself.........
After arranging the second stay at Bridge House i asked Mrs Brindley if any local taxi firms would run me back to Ilkley, the one i did ring wanted to charge me the earth so i rang Sherpa and asked them if they knew any others in the Area.
He just asked how many people, how many bags, If you are at bridge house at 3.45 we can do that for you.
And that was how it came about, and the price he gave me was nearly 50% less than the taxi firm.

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Re: Walking The Dales Way in 2006? - 22/07/06 08:55 PM

Hi Peeps, been back almost a week now but had so many bits and pieces to catch up on. Now its time i got round to giving you the lowdown on B&Bs and places to eat.

BURNSALL...Glebe Barn, very comfortable very pleasant landlady, excellent stop.
Ate at The Red Lion, go for the Bar Menu(same food, less expensive).
BUCKDEN...Romany Cottage, super greeting from Tim with Pots of tea and lemon cake on arrival, sitting outdoors enjoying the View.
And Gwen did us proud with packed lunches that would have kept an army Marching for Days, What a super Couple, Highly recommended.
Because of the demise of the Buck Inn, Tim had booked us into "The Village Restaurant" Where we were Watered and Fed very well, and kept highly entertained By John. (Not the only Gay in the Village). [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/wink.gif[/img]
RIBBLEHEAD...Station Inn, Found it to be very Comfortable, Georgygirl wasnt too sure about it, and i was a bit wary because of some previous posts i'd read, but it turned out OK. The Food was fine and the Ale was Good, and we slept well.
SEDBURGH...Wheelwright Cottage Nice lady, quite comfortable, but its a very old cottage and needs the windows and doors opening more often, old and musty smell.
Ate at the Dalesman, good food, good beer, so all was well with the world.
Kendal...Bridge House, Sheila couldnt do enough for us, Pots of tea and biscuits on arrival, and long interesting conversations, even ran us back to the walk next morning. A very good stop.
Ate in Paolo Gianni's italian restaurant, very good food at reasonable prices, they do a happy hour until 6.30, get 2 meals for the price of 1, but we got there too late, we dont normally eat until 8pm. Worth paying them a visit.
Also stayed at Bridge House the next night.
This time we Ate at Weatherspoons, also had cheap food and cheap beer, which was great.So it was an early start after Breakfast, because my car had been parked there for a week just waiting for me.
A really enjoyable week, so thanks again for all the help you peeps gave us in the arranging period.

Billyboy & Georgygirl

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