Where to leave car

Posted by: first timer

Where to leave car - 12/06/06 05:36 PM

My husband and I are planning to do a couple of days walking on the Dales Way this summer and at the risk of sounding stupid we do not know where to leave our car. It seems obvious to leave it at the end of our journey and travel back to the start by train, but we then need to arrange somewhere to leave it so that it will be safe and of course legal! What do other people do?
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Re: Where to leave car - 12/06/06 06:11 PM

We left our car on the street in Ilkley
outside the police station. We then called
at the police station with the registration and contact numbers written down. Caught the train from Bowness at end of the walk. No problems. We followed the same proccess when we walked WHW last year
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Where to leave car - 12/06/06 10:22 PM

Forget the car, just get the train.
Posted by: argonaut

Re: Where to leave car - 24/07/06 10:25 PM

First Timer......When you say a couple of Days do you mean Day walks , or only a part of the Dales way. ?? I think Sherpa have a carpark at Malham, they will then taxi you to wherever you want to be, then pick you up days later, and fetch you back to your car.
The other alternative is when arranging your B&Bs, ask if you can leave it at one of them for a couple of days.